Fiction - Western

Hope in Cripple Creek

By Sara R. Turnquist

Hope in Cripple Creek by Sara R. Turnquist revolves around a kind of Christian-themed Western drama involving two siblings, Katherine Matthews and her brother, David. They both have their individual problems separate from each other. Katherine wants to adopt two children orphaned during the typhoid...

Not All Cowboys Are Cruel

A Baxter Homestead Romance
By Angelica Hart

Not All Cowboys Are Cruel: A Baxter Homestead Romance by Angelica Hart is a story about a young woman who has endured the worst of hardships. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Grace is forced to do whatever is necessary to allow her father...

Fool's Notion

By Lisa J. Flickinger

Fool’s Notion by Lisa J. Flickinger is about a beautiful young red-headed lady, Alda Lealand, who somewhat naively starts out from Missouri with a string of mules, intending to walk them 2,000 miles to Death Valley, California and her uncle who is waiting for her...

An Improper Proposal

By Davalynn Spencer

An Improper Proposal by Davalynn Spencer tells the story of a city girl, Mae Ann, who finds herself in the wilds of Colorado having agreed to marry a man she has never met. Fate intervenes and leaves her a widow before she has even gotten...

Not all Cowboys are Cruel

By Angelica Hart

Sometimes love is better the second time around, although Grace Isabella Lee doubts she wants another chance in the historical Christian romance, Not all Cowboys are Cruel by Angelica Hart. Grace believed her life couldn’t get any worse after being in an abusive relationship, but...


By J. Bradley Van Tighem

Tejano by J. Bradley Van Tighem is a real treat for fans of Westerns, a story with a great setting and plot. It has been 15 years since Thorn Bird's war ended and the land has known real peace and prosperity. But now, a new...

The Walker

The Untold Story Of Black Bart
By Bruce Bradley

In this fascinating narrative account of Black Bart, we travel back in time to the Old West and learn that when Wells Fargo Bank ruins Charles Boles’s successful gold mine operation, he stops mining and starts robbing ... Wells Fargo stage coaches, that is. The...

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One Hell Of A Ride

By Ju Ephraime

One Hell Of A Ride by Ju Ephraime is a western historical romance novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy western romance and who do not mind explicit language and sexual situations. Cassie Sorrento’s...

Hell Came With Her

By Channing H Cornwall

Hell Came with Her by Channing H Cornwall is a tale of revenge. Sadie Warner is looking to settle a vendetta. Her family is all slaughtered and she is left in a shallow grave, left to die. Teaming up with Cullen Travers, a retired bounty...

The Law of Moses

Sam and Laura Story Book One
By Kwen D Griffeth

The Law of Moses by Kwen D. Griffeth introduces us to young Sam Cardiff. When Sam arrives in his small home town in upstate New York, after two years away at Teacher’s College, he has his future life all planned and in front of him....

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