Romance - Paranormal

Forever More

A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity
By Michele DeLuca

Can one really love a dead man and feel him even more intimately than anyone living? In Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity by Michele DeLuca, a mystical experience of love takes place, a love beyond the tomb. Rebecca has loved...


Touched by Thunder
By E. J. Squires

Hunky Norse gods. A battle to delay Ragnarök. A romance that literally sparks off the page... Thor - Touched by Thunder by E.J. Squires has a lot going for it. Following the death of the aunt who raised her, Ingrid relocates from Florida to San...

Under A Blood Kissed Moon

BloodMoon & Magic
By Kelleye Richards, Anya Kelleye, ER Richards

Ember may be a shifter, but she was raised by vampires, and her family is everything to her, which is why she is at an illegal shifter fight. Patrone has threatened her family if she doesn't fight for him, and Ember will do anything to...

The Third Throne

Angel of Darkness
By Tabitha Barret

The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness by Tabitha Barret is a mesmerizing entry that brilliantly combines elements of urban fantasy, paranormal, and romance to take readers on an adventure to the darkest place ever — hell itself. There is quite a lot going on in...

Somewhere to Spend Christmas

Finding Somewhere Series Book 2
By Verna Clay

Somewhere to Spend Christmas, Book Two of the Finding Somewhere Series by Verna Clay, is a fabulous read any time of the year, though the crisp feeling of winter holiday is ever present and welcome. I became a fan after reading the first Somewhere book...

Twisted Magic

Gallows World, Book 1
By Sharon Stevenson

Twisted Magic: Gallows World, Book 1 is a paranormal romance novel written by Sharon Stevenson. Liv woke up disoriented, cold and trembling. When she reached within for her magic, she found only its absence, and that made her remember the sentence the Trackers Council had...

Ascent of the Fallen

By Rebecca Ciardullo

If you believe in angels and demons and hell, then Ascent of the Fallen by Rebecca Ciardullo is a book for you, and we aren’t talking about Angels and Demons in the way they are featured in Dan Brown’s books. Meet Rue, one of the...

Kassandra's Wolf

By Leilani Love

Welcome to a world of humans, wolf shifters, dragon shifters, vampires and witches. Author Leilani Love creates a world that appeals to every paranormal fantasy that a reader might have and draws you into the world she has created, making you want to belong and...

Never Again

Book of Origins, Volume 1
By Alyse Nennig

Never Again by Alyse Nennig is the first book in the paranormal romance series known as Origins. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who enjoy supernatural romance novels and do not mind explicit sex...

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Hidden In Liquid

Return to Me - A Love Lost in Time
By Jane Maria

Hidden in Liquid (Return to Me - A Love Lost in Time) by Jane Maria is a paranormal romance novel. This is a lovely book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy supernatural romance. Marisa is...