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Wielder of the Gauntlets

Armor of the Fallen Book 1
By Jason Dimmick

“Dreams are but a doorway to your heart.” Such are the powerful words that open this beautiful and epic tale and they are words that captured my heart and got me interested in this story that is filled with wisdom, action, and entertainment. A perfect...

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The Ornis Experiment Volume 1
By Olga Werby

Pigeon by Olga Werby is the first volume of The Ornis Experiment series. It is the story of eleven-year-old orphan, Pigeon. One morning, he wakes up to find his mother dead and himself floating above her. His flying is a new development that comes as...

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle

The Red King Trilogy Book 2
By E M McIntyre

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle is Book 2 in The Red King Trilogy by talented writer EM McIntyre. Written for the middle-grade/tween reader, it offers a winning combination of adventure and fantasy. Fourteen-year-old Abby Fletcher has returned home to present day Scotland with Rory,...

Fall Far From the Tree

By Amy McNulty

Fall Far From the Tree is a dark fantasy by Amy McNulty about four teen children of leaders in the duchy and neighbor Hanaobi who grow up in fear of one another. Rohesia is the daughter of the Duke, trained to hunt the fugitives from...

The Wizard Killer - Season Two

A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Thrill Ride
By Adam Dreece

First, let me say that I did not read the first installment or season of Wizard Killer so I was a little lost at the beginning of Wizard Killer Season Two by Adam Dreece. I highly recommend to anyone considering reading the Wizard Killer series...

Separated from Yourselves

Spell Weaver Book 6
By Bill Hiatt

Separated from Yourselves (Spell Weaver Book 6) by Bill Haitt has a lot of Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology involved. Apparently, most of the main characters are descendants from these Gods. This gives them special powers that they use to protect Earth and the...

Sehmah's Truth

Beneath the Willow Book 1
By A.J. Culey

In Sehmah's Truth (Beneath the Willow Book 1) by A.J. Culey, Samantha is lost in this world when her twin Jonathan dies. When she disappears into the imaginary world of Luica that they had created together, she is not prepared for the sheer destruction she...

Pearl of the Seas

A fairytale prequel to 'Black Inked Pearl'
By Ruth Finnegan

Pearl of the Seas by Ruth Finnegan is a children’s book and a prequel to Black Inked Pearl, written by the same author. Having read Black Inked Pearl, I actually enjoyed this book even more - probably because it is written for a younger audience...


Raven Daughter, Book 1
By A.D. Trosper

Unveiled: Raven Daughter, Book One is a young adult fantasy novel written by A.D. Trosper. Jo Collins and her sister, Victoria, sat on either side of their mother's hospital bed, each holding her hand. They knew she was dying, and they were determined to be...

When Ash Rains Down

Kingdom Come Volume 1
By Cecelia Earl

When Ash Rains Down by Cecelia Earl is the story of hardship and hope. Teenager Julia has a routine: work, study, school. She doesn't have time for friends, and certainly doesn't have time for fun. When her father left them, he took away her faith...

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