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Zombie Mage

By Jonathan J. Drake

Readers will find a hidden gem, oddly enough, in Jonathan J. Drake's Zombie Mage. There is a dark and chilling tale within the fantastical plot, but it isn't as grotesque as one might expect from a novel that includes zombies. Olligh Selthnik awakens in a...


The Forestfolk Series, Book 1
By Zoe Blessing

The gift of healing must be the most two-sided coin of any power in the arsenal of science fiction and fantasy. It is, of course, a great gift to be able to heal family, friends, and others you know. They should appreciate it. They should...

Conjuration Rising

By Kristyn Van Cleave

Conjuration Rising by Kristyn Van Cleave is the second book in the Dreambreath Saga, a story that is a work of beauty and a joy to read. At eleven, Eylene was literally “ripped” from her home, planet, and family. She may be living on earth,...

The Needle's Eye

By Deanna Nese

The Needle’s Eye by Deanna Nese is a slim book, a story with a lot of symbolism, one that explores the idea of destiny and friendship, a tale laced with wonderful insights and wisdom. It is a story with powerful spiritual dimensions. It wasn’t until...

Feathers and Fireflies

By Melanie Rodriguez

Feathers and Fireflies by Melanie Rodriguez is a young adult fantasy novella centering around seventeen-year-old Rory, as she tries to fulfill her dream of seeing the shapeshifters dance on summer solstice. In the village of Vanora, Rory knows she doesn’t fit in. Having lost both...

Child of the Kindred

The Rienfield Chronicles Book 2
By M.T. Magee

Child of the Kindred Book 2 of The Rienfield Chronicles by M.T. McGee is every bit an epic fantasy of ambitious proportions. It is over 600 pages long, and closer to 700 pages than 600. I haven’t read book 1 yet, though I plan to...

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Dragon Amour

A Dragon Half-Breed Novel
By Robin Ambrozic

Jennifer, also called JJ by her friends, is the protagonist of the YA fantasy novel Dragon Amour by Robin Ambrozic. When her best friend's cousin turns up, JJ's life changes in many ways. First, her heart finally starts to feel what love is, but then...

Twice Born

The Sequel to Tom's Inheritance
By TJ Green

Twice Born by TJ Green is the sequel to Tom's Inheritance. It's been a year since Tom has been to the Other, where he awakened his ancestor King Arthur and left behind his cousin, Beansprout. At the time he thought it was what he wanted,...

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Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions

Book 2: Wizardry Goes Wild
By Sunayna Prasad

Wizardry Goes Wild by Sunayna Prasad is Book 2 of Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions. Alyssa McCarthy has finally got her life back to normal when magic strikes again. This time, Errol, a depressed skeleton, causes Alyssa to be cursed and, although she can perform magic,...

Maurpikios Fiddler: The Red Ruby of Edo

Book III - Love
By M.J. Logan

Maurpikios Fiddler: The Red Ruby of Edo is book three in a series of extraordinary tales of magic, hope lost and found, and love, written by M.J. Logan. Readers are presented with fantasy at its best, with sophisticated characters and a powerful conflict between the...

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