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Across the Fourwinds

The Maidstone Chronicles Volume 1
By Shane Trusz, Darryl Frayne

In The Maidstone Chronicles Book One: Across the Fourwinds by Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne, readers are introduced to Will Owens, a teenager with a strange gift of seeing dark creatures emerging from the Arden Forest, which is near his house at #25 Nineteenth Avenue...

Danny and the DreamWeaver

By Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio)

Danny and the DreamWeaver is a young adult, fantasy novella by the author Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio) that is not only a wonderful mystery/adventure story through time, but an intelligent parable linking imagination and man’s thirst for knowledge. Mr. Poe’s story begins with young...

Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet

By B. B. Morgan

Caroline and the Gilded Gauntlet, by B.B. Morgan, is a fast-paced adventure about standing up for yourself, even if it means forsaking the world you once knew. Caroline Eversole is the daughter of a wealthy merchant, who longs for freedom. One day, while visiting her...

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Last Metaphonium

Orville Wellington Mouse, Book 4
By Tom Hoffman

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Last Metaphonium by Tom Hoffman is an expertly written fantasy novel. It’s the fourth in a series about the Metaphysical Adventurer (a.k.a. world-hopping) Orville Wellington Mouse. Orville is a shaper, meaning he’s magically gifted, and when a highly...

The Unseen

Order of the Bell
By Jacob Devlin

The Unseen by Jacob Devlin is the second book in the Order of the Bell series. As King Bellamy declares that no one can leave the Old World, Pietro, Pino, and Alicia seek a way out to find their children, no matter the cost. Turning...

The Dark Solstice

By Nikki Leigh Willcome

The Dark Solstice by N.L. Willcome is the first book in An Empyrian Odyssey series. When a Lord in the city of Empyria dies, Tamsin Urbane is ushered out of the only place she's called home and into the desert. While exploring the city with...

In Your Dreams

By Amy Martin

Amy Martin’s In Your Dreams follows teenager Zara “Zip” McKee as she navigates the small-town high school of Titusville, Illinois. Although Zip is the basketball star and top of her class, Zip’s junior year is anything but typical after she meets new kid Kieran Lanier....

Charlie's Crystal Pyramids

By Renée Wehrle

The kids at school called Charlie a nerd and a brainy one at that. All because of a presentation she did in Grade 2 that described her family holiday as an archaeological dig in Egypt, while everyone else in the class had a typical beach-like...

The Patchwork Girl

By Sebastian Bendix

In The Patchwork Girl by Sebastian Bendix, 16-year-old Padget Beaumont is trudging through life-her scientist dad has mysteriously disappeared for months, she is shunned at school, and lost her best friend because of a boy. Padget is determined to face these annoying hardships and everything...

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The Want Series
By K. T. Conte

Told in an absorbing first person narrative voice, Awoke is a gripping entry in the Want Series by K.T. Conte, a great read for young adult fans of the paranormal. As the story begins, readers are introduced to Katya, a young girl preparing for a...

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