Young Adult - Fantasy - General

Stealing Liberty

By Jennifer Froelich

Stealing Liberty is a young adult novel by Jennifer Froelich. Reed and Riley are two teens who meet in a very unexpected place: a top secret detention school for teens whose parents are deemed enemies of the state. Reed does not expect to start a...

The Devil's Fairy Tale

The Wolf in the Woods
By Greg Stewart

I have been a lover of fairy tales my entire life. Long before I understood the often-dark symbolism, or the deeper psychological terror that runs through most fairy tales, I simply enjoyed how afraid these stories made me. I think this is the attractive point...

Calliope Jones and The Last World Diver

By Haylie Machado Hanson

Calliope Jones and The Last World Diver by Haylie Machado Hanson is a young adult general fantasy novel that would appeal most to an audience made up primarily of young adult females who enjoy female heroes and magical worlds. Calliope Jones is the sixteen-year-old middle...

Fox In The City

By Daniel Cabrera

Fox in the City by Daniel Cabrera is an incredible and inspiring fable about a young kit’s journey towards discovering a purpose for its life. The normal day of a fox would be characterized by the same routine — it rises from the mud that...

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A New World Fairy Tale
By Alex Rossino

There is evil afoot in Needwood Forest. It’s not the faeries attacking the woodcutters who invade their space. No, it’s another evil magical being, Lilith, a Sirachim, someone who should be kind, considerate, compassionate and caring, but has sadly turned her magic to create evil...

Beauty's Kiss

A Historical Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Once Upon a Princess Book 3)
By C. S. Johnson

Beauty's Kiss by C.S. Johnson is a breathtaking young adult fantasy novel, following a princess named Rose. She is nearing the end of her long quest to get rid of her curse; all she has left to do is kill the fairy who cursed her....

Beauty's Gift

A Historical Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Once Upon a Princess Book 4)
By C. S. Johnson

Beauty’s Gift is the fourth and final installment in the Once Upon a Princess Saga. C.S. Johnson gives a new spin to the story of Sleeping Beauty. Aurora, known as Rose to her friends, faces many issues in this final story. First, she is only...


The Azellian Affairs, Book One
By Sara L. Daigle

Tamara is working to finish her college degree at a time when it has been discovered that there are other planets out there with life on them, and in fact ambassadors have been sent and received for over 50 years. This year is going to...


Book One - The Relic
By Clark Rich Burbidge

StarPassage by Clark Rich Burbidge is the first book in the young adult fantasy series, The Relic. This is a book and series that would appeal most to a mixed audience of teens and young adults who enjoy time travel adventure stories. Siblings Tim and...

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Finding Pandora

Book Three: Infinity
By E Rachael Hardcastle

In Finding Pandora: Infinity, we discover Arriette and her friends in the Recruit’s lair, surrounded by an Orc army under the command of a mischievous Everlast, an immortal supernatural being, whose aims aren’t exactly clear. But one thing is certain: whatever his intentions are, it...