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Fiction - Supernatural

3 Days in Paradise
Danielle isn’t happy with her life. Her boss is constantly hitting on her for a date, the current boyfriend is a cheater, and she has a house and a car she hates. Add to all of that a secret that constantly haunts every aspect of...

A Change Of Heart
The Royal Blood Chronicles Book 1
A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin follows the story of Gabriel as he finds his way into the midst of a vampire war. The humans hate the vampires. The vampires have an internal fight for power. Gabriel just wants to get home without bullies...

A Fine Line
The Beginning
A Fine Line: The Beginning by JC Brennan is a rare combination of real and supernatural. The story takes place at Picket’s Mill during the Civil War. William T. Healthaway is a solider battling on the Union side and his only hope is to return...

A Floating World
Just when you thought all the great stories have been already written, A Floating World comes along and sweeps you off your feet. It only takes one glance at the cover and the outstanding titles and you know that this is not your ordinary short...

A Gypsy's Kiss
The Sectorium Series Book 1
A Gypsy's Kiss (The Sectorium Series Book 1) by Susan Griscom is about a girl called Breena, who is at college and makes spare cash by reading tarot cards for people. The thing is, Breena can really see the future. When she touches a person,...

Award Winner

A Jar of Fingers
The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs Book 1
A Jar of Fingers by C.L. Hernandez is an enjoyable haunted house story. Deegie, a witch who owns and runs an occult shop called The Silent Cat, purchases an old house with a history of violence after she breaks up with her cheating boyfriend. In...

A Keeper's Truth
A Keeper's Truth by Dee Willson is a fascinating and exciting science fiction novel. Tess Morgan had a difficult childhood. Although Tess's mother loved her, she had mental issues and in the end committed suicide. Despite her past, Tess has the life that she...

A Life Without Living
A Life Without Living by S.C. Alban is a breathtaking story of a love that defies time, a love tested by unusual circumstances. Kate’s life could have been peaceful and serene when she was married to Alessandro, four hundred years ago, but she meets and...

A Matter of Temperance
The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance Book 1
A Matter of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance is a steampunk adventure heavy on sci-fi, humor, and wordplay. It is told from the alternating POVs of our main characters, Ichabod Temperance and Persephone Plumtartt. Ichabod Temperance is an Alabamian mechanical tinkerer/prodigy with a strong accent and...

A Matter of Time
"A Matter of Time" is one of the most compelling supernatural tales I have come across in a long time. Any Titanic enthusiast will find a very different take here on the original story. A young college man is catapulted into another dimension where he...

Award Winner

A Perpetual Mimicry
A Novella
In A Perpetual Mimicry by K.P. Ambroziak, Ani, a Fire Angel, is banished to earth where he must inhabit a mortal body. Gone are his beautiful wings and the star he called home. Upon arriving unceremoniously on earth and into a decaying body, Ani is...

A Successful Failure
The Complete Series
A Successful Failure: The Complete Series by Okisha Jackson is a trilogy that includes the three stories: Against All Odds, The Betrayal, and More Than a Conqueror. The stories chronicle the fictional life of a soldier named Shauna Jackson. It is an inspirational tale that...

A Wicked Thing
"A Wicked Thing" is set in the town of St. Martins in New Brunswick on the shores of Fundy Bay. The bay is ever-present, washing in and out in tides throughout the action in this paranormal thriller. Gwen and Stephen Burns have lived there all...

Award Winner

Absolution by P.L. Parker is a paranormal romance about an innocent young girl who happens to be a vampire, turned while in her mother’s womb. In the late 1300s she is buried alive by her father as a way to protect her, which is a...

Absolution: The Awakening Series
Absolution by Ashley Lucero is a suspenseful, hair raising piece of fiction. Alex Constance’s parents are divorcing and her brother, Derek, is going off to Marine Corps boot camp. Everything seems to be changing. Loneliness and sadness begin to overshadow her. The new challenges occurring...

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