Fiction - Supernatural

Under A Blood Kissed Moon

BloodMoon & Magic
By Kelleye Richards, Anya Kelleye, ER Richards

Ember may be a shifter, but she was raised by vampires, and her family is everything to her, which is why she is at an illegal shifter fight. Patrone has threatened her family if she doesn't fight for him, and Ember will do anything to...

New Sins for Old Scores

By Tj O'Connor

New Sins For Old Scores by Tj O'Connor is a thrilling and suspenseful murder mystery that spans over six decades. Detective Richard Jax receives a call from his partner, Leo, requesting Jax to meet him at an abandoned inn. Leo never appears, and Jax is...


Arrival of the Fourth Generation
By Coleen Liebsch

When twenty-one-year-old virgin Jordan Sullivan discovers she is pregnant and having twins, solving the mystery of how she got pregnant, when she’d never had sex, quickly takes a back seat to a whole new set of choices she is now facing. Initially, it seems that...

Better in the Morning

By Fern Ronay

In Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay, we follow Veronica Buccino, a lawyer with a plan. One – stop being a lawyer. Her work leaves much to be desired, and her boss and co-worker seem to be set on making her life miserable. Two...

Somewhere to Spend Christmas

Finding Somewhere Series Book 2
By Verna Clay

Somewhere to Spend Christmas, Book Two of the Finding Somewhere Series by Verna Clay, is a fabulous read any time of the year, though the crisp feeling of winter holiday is ever present and welcome. I became a fan after reading the first Somewhere book...

Twisted Magic

Gallows World, Book 1
By Sharon Stevenson

Twisted Magic: Gallows World, Book 1 is a paranormal romance novel written by Sharon Stevenson. Liv woke up disoriented, cold and trembling. When she reached within for her magic, she found only its absence, and that made her remember the sentence the Trackers Council had...

Princess Dracula

By John Patrick Kennedy

Princess Dracula takes the classic tale of the origins of the first vampire, Dracula, and turns it upside down. Vlad Dracula is the father in this story, and a ruthless man, bent on winning a decades-long war against the Turks, no matter what the cost,...

Cruel and Unusual

Four short stories of judicial horror
By Erik Dean

Cruel and Unusual: Four Short Stories of Judicial Horror by Erik Dean features four horror short stories that will take readers' breath away. Revisit the inhumane treatment of witches who were tried and burned at the stake in England. Meet Helen and the other witches...

Playing with Fire

By Cris and Clare Meyers

Playing with Fire by Cris and Clare Meyers is Volume 1 of the Criminal Elements Series. Renee Devereaux is a bit of a loner; she is also a thief who has plenty to hide and doesn’t trust anyone. Stone Anders is a mercenary for hire,...


Into the Gray Horizon
By E.A. Minin

Monoland: Into the Gray Horizon by E.A. Minin is a supernatural novel with a very unique concept and a powerful hook. It is a story about the afterlife, but not the afterlife as a clearly defined place where souls enter after they take their last...