Non-Fiction - Humor/Comedy

More To Crow About

Stories of Humor and Hope
By Spencer Hatton

Spencer Hatton has created a wonderful glimpse at all it means to be human in More to Crow About: Stories of Humor and Hope. Beginning with a number of tales, which Hatton labels The Lighter Side, you find yourself smiling if not outright laughing and...

A Doorman's Memoir

Tales of Friendships
By Brent Lymer

A Doorman's Memoir: Tales of Friendships by Brent Lymer was a very entertaining book. It is filled with eighteen stories of Lymer’s adventures while working as a doorman for several nightclubs. The stories are hilarious and let the reader see how life is...

Murphy's Law and the Outdoorsman

By Alex Danchanko Jr

Murphy's Law and the Outdoorsman by Alex Danchanko Jr may be short, but it was very educational. In the book, Danchanko tells of some of the adventures he has had while fishing and hunting. There are twenty-nine short stories in the book and every...

You Know I Love You Because You're Still Alive

Confessions of a Middle Aged Working Mom
By Lori Duff

What a fun read you’ll find in Lori B. Duff’s You Know I Love You Because You’re Still Alive! Although some readers might not like the fact that Lori checks her troop of kids out of a “nasty hotel” and into a clean Holiday Inn,...

Pants Optional

UNconventional Tips For Your Road Through Life and Motherhood
By Carol L. Steingreaber

Pants Optional by Carol Steingreaber is a humorous memoir about life, motherhood, and the comical situations that develop when living in a large family. Carol is the youngest in a family of eight, until her little sister is born. Her little sister is not only...

So You Want To Climb Mount Lovemore...

99 Rules To Survive 'I Do'
By A. Hubby

So You Want to Climb Mount Lovemore...: 99 Rules To Survive 'I Do' by A. Hubby is a humorous, hard look at the reality of marriage and relationships in general, at what doesn’t work, at what enhances it, and many things inbetween. The book creates...

Tales of the Modern Nomad

Monks, Mushrooms & Other Misadventures
By John Early

Tales of the Modern Nomad: Monks, Mushrooms & Other Misadventures by John Early is a gorgeous and delightful collection of travel stories, exciting memories, and life-changing encounters. In this collection, the expert backpacker and travel host takes readers on a boisterous ride across countries, cities,...

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Launching Sheep & Other Stories from the Intersection of History and Nonsense

By Sarah Angleton

The title Launching Sheep by Sarah Angleton continues: And Other Stories from The Intersection of History and Nonsense. The volume is comprised of eighty-six informative, fascinating and entertaining articles taken from the author’s weekly blog, which were published over a period of more than four...

Mostly Momentous Minutes, Mawkish Memories, and Myopic Musings Beyond

Stories Of Life From The Moose State And Beyond
By Marc E. Zimmerman

Mostly Momentous Minutes, Mawkish Memories, and Myopic Musings Beyond: Stories Of Life From The Moose State And Beyond is a nonfiction collection of humorous memoirs written by Marc E. Zimmerman. Zimmerman grew up in the small coastal town of Bath, Maine. His early stories recount...

The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals

(a tragi-comedy)
By Perfesser Propah Gandah

The Positive Impact of Modern Liberals by Perfesser Propah Gandah begins with a powerful, somewhat hilarious declaration that sets the tone for this wonderful work: “What can I say? I like to tease liberals . . . makes me politically erect. And, after all...