Non-Fiction - Social Issues

Nowhere Else I Want to Be

A Memoir
By Carol D Marsh

Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir by Carol D Marsh is an inspiring memoir that redefines the sense of humanity in a world where human values are quickly replaced by an egoistic culture. In this spellbinding memoir, the founder of Miriam’s House —...

Salted Caramel

By Jalaysha Malik

Jalaysha Malik’s poetry collection Salted Caramel brings to life the past, present, and future of African Americans, each with their own chapter. The poet pours out their journey and tribulations and uses first person to do so. Her words don’t hold back, and they shouldn’t....

Baffled by Love:

Stories of the Lasting Impact of Childhood Trauma Inflicted by Loved Ones
By Laurie Kahn

Every so often, a book comes a reviewer’s way that speaks to the reviewer on a very deep and personal level. For me, that book is Baffled by Love by Laurie Kahn, a trauma therapist who works closely with the victims of abuse, especially sexual,...

The Monster That Ate My Mommy

By Jessica Aiken-Hall

When it comes to memoirs, there’s one thing writers need to remember: people love happy endings, especially when the writer’s life has been filled with struggle and heartache, as was Jessica Aiken-Hall’s life in The Monster That Ate My Mommy. That monster nearly finished off...

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Bad Choices Make Good Stories

Going to New York (How The Great American Opioid Epidemic of The 21st Century Began)
By Oliver Markus Malloy

What a refreshing change! A writer who tells it like it is, who is honest and raw and lets you know from the word go, and not in terms as polite as this, that if you don’t like his choice of words, you can go…well,...

How to Survive Elementary School

An Informative Guide Based on Parents' and a 4th Grader's Perspectives.
By Roseanney Liu, Morgan Getting

How To Survive Elementary School by Roseanney Liu and Morgan Getting sheds light on the issues and experiences students face at different grade levels in elementary school. The book speaks about the good, the bad, and the interesting from the points of view of the...

The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America

Astonishing Discoveries, Unearthed Secrets, and How to Heal
By A. L. Bryant

The Truth about White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America: Astonishing Discoveries, Unearthed Secrets, and How to Heal by A.L. Bryant is a quick read that contains a powerful message for today’s readers, a book that takes a surgical look at some of the...

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Talking Sense about Politics

How to Overcome Political Polarization in Your Next Conversation
By Jack Meacham

Jack Meacham’s Talking Sense About Politics: How to Overcome Political Polarization in Your Next Conversation is an enlightening journey though American history to the present in an effort to help the reader find a little "perspective." Meacham utilizes historical characters to demonstrate the four “American...

The Green Reaper

Memoirs of an Eco-Mortician
By Elizabeth Fournier

The author of The Green Reaper, Elizabeth Fournier, knew from childhood onward that she wanted a career in the mortuary business. As a child, she played “funeral,” and as a young adult, she banged on doors until she got her first job working for a...

Blood River Rising

The Thompson-Crismon Feud of the 1920s
By Victoria Pope Hubbell

Blood River Rising: The Thompson-Crismon Feud of the 1920s by Victoria Pope Hubbell, Ph.D. is a historical, nonfiction narrative that considers one of the questions about the Ku Klux Klan that has never been properly considered by any author. Every time people read about the...

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