Children - Mystery

The Dusenbury Curse

Crime Cats, Volume 2
By Wolfgang Parker

The Dusenbury Curse is the second adventure book in the Crime Cats series, written and illustrated by Wolfgang Parker. Eight-year-old Jonas Shurmann has a special gift: he can converse with cats. As Orville Dusenbury agrees to board two superheroes, CatBob and Neil Higgins, at the...

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures

The Mysterious Intruder
By Dawn Marie Carlson

The Mysterious Intruder is a Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures book, written and illustrated for children by Dawn Marie Carlson. After hearing an intruder at their Grammy’s back door, Fuzzy (a seven-year-old Shih Tzu) and Romeo (an American Eskimo Dog) take up pursuit, leading them...

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Grimhilderness, Book 1
By Mike Crowl

Grimhilda! is the first fantasy children’s book in the Grimhilderness series, written by Mike Crowl and Cherianne Parks. Eight-year-old Toby Ashton-Batchelor barely remembers the days when his parents had paid him some attention. Over the past few years, George and Sylvia Ashton-Batchelor had always been...

Children of the Future

By Jane Suen

‘Where is everyone?’ Telly, the bus driver, always took pride in being on time to pick up the school kids. That particular day he realizes that something is out of place. In Children of the Future by Jane Suen, readers learn that all the children...

The Adventures of Penny & Tubs

The Crystal Waterfall
By Marcie May, Margaret Zerhusen

The Adventures of Penny and Tubs (The Mystery of the Crystal Waterfall) by Marcie May and Margaret Zerhusen is a fun children's book about a young girl named Penny and her cat, Tubs. They are going on a trip to Hawaii and are both very...

Spider School

By D. P. Roseberry

Ariana, or Ari to her friends, has a phobia – Arachnophobia, a spider phobia. And it’s hit her hard. So much so that Ariana can’t sleep at night for fear of spiders crawling all over her; she really doesn’t have any friends as they all...

The Travelling Circus

By Mark Watson

A little boy and a folding circus tent is the focus of The Travelling Circus – a new children’s book by Mark Watson. As the little boy begins to have fun folding and unfolding his perfect gift of a circus tent, an imaginative story begins...

The Lost Treasure of Loma Grande

From the Journals of Rudy McCafferty
By Richard Clark

The Lost Treasure of Loma Grande: From the Journals of Rudy McCafferty is a young reader’s tale of thrills and adventure, written by Richard Clark. When an ancient artifact with mysterious powers goes missing from the shrine of Atahualpa in Peru, archaeologist C.J. Drake and...

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8th Grade Fugitive

By Richard Clark

Richard Clark's 8th Grade Fugitive is a children’s adventure book. Thirteen-year-old Brian Ryan loves the thrill of skateboarding. When his school is chosen to host the Xtreme Dream Games, Brian cannot believe his luck; he might even get the chance to see his skating idol,...

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The Case of the Magical Ivory Elephant

Davey & Derek: Junior Detectives Series, Book 3
By Janice Spina

The Case of the Magical Ivory Elephant is the third book in the Davey & Derek: Junior Detectives series, written by Janice Spina and illustrated by John Spina. While celebrating their eleventh birthday at the Pizza Palace, Davey and Derek Donato’s festivities are suddenly interrupted...