Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

The Dragon King

The Alaris Chronicles Book 3
By Mike Shelton

In The Dragon King, the last installment of The Alaris Chronicles by Mike Shelton, Bakari, the scholar-wizard-turned-dragon-rider, is coming to terms with being acknowledged through the land as the Dragon King. The story picks up where the last book, The Dragon Rider, left off. Bakari...

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The Haunted Funfair

The Extraordinary Tales of Melody Magic, Book 2
By Alex Woburn

The Haunted Funfair: The Extraordinary Tales of Melody Magic, Book 2 is an adventure fantasy for preteens and children, grades 4-6, written by Alex Woburn. Melody Magic and her friends were intrigued when the documentary their teacher, Miss Bell, was showing them was interrupted by...

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Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors

Moto Maddie BMX Portal, Book 2
By Kat de Falla

Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors: Moto Maddie BMX Portal, Book 2 is an action and adventure urban fantasy novel for children and preteens written by Kat de Falla and illustrated by Elayne Griffith. Peabody Cleveland O’Neil really wanted to go to his best friend’s house for...

The Bug Boys

By Stewart Hoffman

The Bug Boys is a science fiction and fantasy novel for children and preteens written by Stewart Hoffman. Alex and Ian’s big problem was personified in the form of the local bully, Darren, who was also twelve years old as they were, but had somehow...

The Crystal Dragon of Nital

The Dragons of Nital, Volume 3
By Vik Walker

The Crystal Dragon of Nital is the third book in The Dragons of Nital series, written by Vik Walker. When Nathan and his magical ‘cat,’ Zaaz, make their way to Gimblet’s Book Store, they are shocked at what they find. With the store completely...

The Legend of Oescienne

The Finding
By Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

The Legend of Oescienne - The Finding by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson is a fictional audio book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of children and young adults who enjoy the genre of action adventure and fantasy. Humans have been extinct for generations, ever...

In a Land Far Away

A Windflower Saga Story for Kids (The Windflower Saga) (Volume 28)
By Aleksandra Layland

In a Land Far Away: A Windflower Saga Story for Kids: The Windflower Saga, Volume 28 is a picture book for children written by Aleksandra Layland. While most of Layland’s epic fantasy novels are geared for young adult and adult readers, the author has also...


Sky Raider Academy, Book 1
By Kirstin Pulioff

Initiation is the first book in the Sky Raider Academy series, written by Kirstin Pulioff. When eleven-year-old Tommy starts life over, moving to his uncle’s farm and attending Mustang Mountain Elementary School, he is constantly teased and bullied by Devan – a student renowned for...

Baxter Goes To Imagination Land

By Jenn Duggan

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land by Jenn Duggan can be described in one word – enchanting! But again, as in all writings apparently ordinary, the meanings and tales behind simple titles are extra-ordinary! This book is a charming story about Baxter, a pup who’s...

Bannister's Muster

Snap: Book One
By Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Snap, Book One is an exciting children’s adventure from the Bannister’s Muster series by Barbara Gaskell Denvil. Nathan Bannister is snatched from his bedroom one night by a strange man called Brewster Hazlett. He’s transported to medieval London where Brewster literally dumps him on a...