Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi


WhipEye Chronicles, Book 3
By Geoffrey Saign

Drasine is the third book in the WhipEye Chronicles, written by Geoffrey Saign. After almost losing their parents one year earlier, Samantha and her neighbor, Jake – child guardians of the sacred staff, WhipEye – are attacked by new, unknown enemies. The children are instructed...

Wily and the Canine Pandemic

By Michelle Weidenbenner

Wily and the Canine Pandemic by Michelle Weidenbenner is the perfect middle school to early teen adventure story that will never outdate this generation of readers. The author has written a creative, engaging storyline that brings to life a fun, fantastical plot alongside very believable...

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue

By Rafael Jacimin

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue is the second children’s book in the Hot Chocolate Underpants series, written by Rafael Jacimin and illustrated by Van der Saim. When Caspian plays Frisbee in the back yard with his grandfather, the Frisbee becomes entangled within the branches...


WhipEye Chronicles, Book 2
By Geoffrey Saign

Gorgon is the second book in the WhipEye Chronicles, written by Geoffrey Saign. Estranged friends and neighbors, Jake and Samantha, celebrate a special dinner hosted by Bryon (Samantha’s father) and Cynthia (Jake’s mother), but the festivities are interrupted when a giant Komodo Dragon crashes the...

The Night I Became A Hero

Story Keeping, Book 1
By A.R. Marshall

The Night I Became a Hero is the first children’s book in the Story Keeping series, written and illustrated by A.R. Marshall. Whilst visiting with his grandfather one summer, Riles and his siblings, Sissie and Finn, are tucked into bed before being read a bedtime...

Minecraft Steve vs. The Burpinator

Stinky Steve: Book Four
By PT Evans

Minecraft Steve vs. The Burpinator is the fourth book in the Stinky Steve series, written by P.T. Evans and illustrated by Jake Tashjian. Fighting crime is all in a day’s work for Steve, who uses his lethal farts as a weapon against the undead, as...

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The Hidden Portal to Wren

Book 2 in The Keys of Being Trilogy
By Nan C. Cataldi

Nan C. Cataldi continues The Keys of Being Trilogy with Book 2, The Hidden Portal To Wren. Glymirra, Keeper of the Balance and Caretaker of all the Living on Gaeya, waits patiently for the return of her two most trusted Fae-rens; Der-rex and Brin-dah. They...

The Princess and the Rogue

The Tears of Hathor
By Richard J Johnson

The Princess and the Rogue: The Tears of Hathor is an exciting fantasy for preteens by Richard J. Johnson. Princess Li wishes she could find the legendary Tears of Hathor to remove the curse from her father, the Emperor, and their kingdom of China. The...

A Fairy Different Life

By Goob er (Goob)

A Fairy Different Life by Goob is a rhyming, educational children's book that follows a young girl. The girl is a bully, and she doesn't like the way certain people dress, or how certain people act. She wished everyone would be more like her, and...

Zeke and Zak Fumble Through A Fairy Long Lesson

By Lenora Rodgers

Zeke and Zak Fumble Through A Fairy Long Lesson by Lenora Rodgers is an exciting children's book that follows two fairies named Zeke and Zak. Zeke and Zak are apprenticed to the tooth fairy. But the two fairies aren't very good at their job. Their...