Children - Preschool


By Ashley Tetzlaff

While kittens Nate and Kate enjoy running, jumping and just being their playful kitten selves, Squeaky encounters many obstacles of being the smallest kitten in the family. Squeaky cannot drink from his water bowl, play ball with Nate and Kate, or join in on jumping...

Tripi Takes Flight

The Amazing Adventures Of Tripi The Fly
By Lori London

Tripi Takes Flight (The Amazing Adventures of Tripi The Fly) by Lori London is an adorable children's story about a little fly that is talented in many things, except the most important; he can't seem to figure out how to fly. Yes, little Tripi can...

Baxter Goes To Imagination Land

By Jenn Duggan

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land by Jenn Duggan can be described in one word – enchanting! But again, as in all writings apparently ordinary, the meanings and tales behind simple titles are extra-ordinary! This book is a charming story about Baxter, a pup who’s...

Halloween with Snowman Paul

By Yossi Lapid

Halloween with Snowman Paul is a holiday-themed children’s picture book written by Yossi Lapid and illustrated by Joanna Pasek. Halloween is a magical time indeed, but there’s something about Snowman Paul that makes the holiday even more exciting. There’s a big old tree with a...

Jobs of a Preschooler

By Brigitte Brulz

Parents are not the only ones busy with chores and jobs. Children can also be busy in their daily lives, just like their parents. Jobs of a Preschooler by Brigitte Brulz is a charming storybook which speaks about the many jobs a preschooler can to...

Slipper Goes to the Park

By Tess Rixen

Slipper loves to play with her friends. She is a cat, after all. And cats love to play. When her best friend, Buddy, who just happens to be a dog, comes over, Slipper is very excited. She is surprised to meet Buddy’s roommate, Julia, a...

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Cookies Full of Love

By Schreiber

Cookies Full of love by Brock Schreiber is a wondrously imaginative children's story that begins with a hand written note from a daughter to her mother, hoping that she enjoys the cookies that were made especially for her. She starts her labor of love by...

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A Tale From a Foxhound Beagle Named Bailey

Siblings Are Your Best Friend
By Kristina Wolf Dreisbach

A Tale From a Foxhound Beagle Named Bailey: Siblings Are Your Best Friend by Kristina Wolf Dreisbach is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about change, persistence and a bond. Bailey was the family's loving Foxhound Beagle. Bailey was treated well, from receiving special treats to...

Space Cop Zack

GARG's Secret Mission
By Don M. Winn

What an action-packed story of escape, capture, and battling space aliens! GARG's Secret Mission is a wonderful book that’s part of the Space Cop Zack series. It’s sure to interest boys, girls, and their parents. Author Don M. Winn is imaginative and manages to turn...

There's a Monster in My Mouth

By Michele Lynn Seigfried

There's a Monster in my Mouth! by Michele Lynn Siegfried is a fun, rhyming children's book that follows a young boy. One night, while the boy was asleep, a monster silently crept into his mouth. The monster makes the boy's mouth smell bad, and the...