Children - Grade K-3rd

It's Just So...Little!

By Brenda Faatz, Peter Trimarco

Life for a child is magnified in so many ways that everything can just seem so …. It is filling in the varieties of “so” that challenges a children’s author to be creative, something Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco seem able to do with so...

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Myself

By A. Cole

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Myself: WIGU is a children's picture book written by A. Cole and illustrated by Lea Embeli. Naya loves being who she is, and she especially likes the fact that she is just a little bit different than...

Poems for Kids & Me

By Jessie L. Best

Poetry is a great form of expression. Poems for Kids & Me by Jessie L. Best is a fun, entertaining and engaging collection of poems suitable for children. The colorful illustrations and the poems will have children giggling and wanting more as they read about...

Talking Tales

Cricket's Guitar
By Erica Graham

Talking Tales: Cricket’s Guitar is an educational story for young children by Erica Graham. When one of the strings broke on Cricket’s guitar, he asks Teri if she can help him replace it. Teri is willing to help and gives Cricket a tiny string from...

Start With Sorry

A Children's Picture Book With Lessons in Empathy
By PT Finch

Start With Sorry by PT Finch is an outstanding book that parents should read to their children. The story and illustrations work well together to create a must-have children’s book, which children and their parents will enjoy. I believe children will develop a better understanding...

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Snowy Lodin

By Joan Dee Wilson

Snowy Lodin is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Joan Dee Wilson. As the seasons grow colder in the north, the animals migrate south to find shelter and food in abundance. The last animals remaining – the caribou and the snowy owls – soon...

Tabitha Fink

Ninja at Night
By Rick Felty

Tabitha Fink: Ninja at Night by Rick Felty is the story of Tabitha Fink, a cat who has only one eye. She likes to try out things that no other cat does. She is happy to be different and she lives with Bartholomew Blink, who...

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Mr. Pigglesworth's Adventures with Responsa-Billy-Bee

By Nicole Cadwallader

Mr Piggleworth’s Adventures with Responsa-Billy-Bee by Nicole Cadwallader is an educational book for children which will help a child’s learning level by introducing, guiding, and helping them recall their skills. This workbook is a good learning experience as it teaches children new things and gives...

When You Were a Dinosaur

And Other Tales and Mighty Beasts!
By Neil McFarlane

When You Were A Dinosaur: And Other Tales And Mighty Beasts! by Neil Roy McFarlane is an engaging and entertaining book in which young readers are introduced to the lives and habits of some amazing creatures like dinosaurs, lions, gorillas, whales, elephants, polar bears, crocodiles,...

Healthy Hailey

By Sigalit Benbenishti

Hailey likes to eat. That’s a good thing, but it’s what she likes to eat that causes problems. She likes to have a hamburger and fries for lunch. And she loves her candy. When she can’t fit into her favorite jeans or her favorite red...