Children - Grade K-3rd

B Is for Boxing

By Dmitriy Salita

Learning is not only fundamental, it's necessary and crucial in today's world. With technology and bullying at an all-time high, we need stimulating books that interest our children, while finding ways to protect themselves - boxing is the answer. Dmitriy Salita has taken his love...

The Girl Who Loved Pots

By Rosilyn Seay

The Girl Who Loved Pots is a delightfully imaginative children’s book, written and illustrated by Rosilyn Seay. May is a young girl who loves to pretend. Like most little girls, May loves tea parties with her dolls and toys, as well as having long talks...

My Mummy Couldn't Read

By Carey Rigby-Wilcox

My Mummy Couldn’t Read is a delightful, inspirational story that all children would love to read! The tale is told through the eyes of a young son as he follows his mother through her school years and to the years surrounding his birth. His mummy,...

Ninja Seals Book 2

The Metal Menace
By Joe Yang

Ninja Seals, Book 2: The Metal Menace is an action-packed graphic novel for children, written and illustrated by Joe Yang. Alx and his cousin, Scooter, are seals, but they’re not your ordinary kind of seals -- they’re Ninja Seals. They dress up in their ninja...

Shimji, the Channel Island Vixen

By Christina Steiner

Shimji, the Channel Island Vixen is an adventurous children’s book written by Christina Steiner. After hearing so many tales of her ancestors, Shimji, a young fox kit, decides to explore the world and see what it has to offer. Knowing that water vessels travel between...

The Amazing Apple Tree

By Donna Brooks

Have you ever thought about how beautiful nature can be when it passes by and kisses an apple tree? The Amazing Apple Tree by Donna Brooks is a colorful children’s picture book about how the apple tree evolves as the four seasons - Spring, Summer,...

The Secret of Bald Rock Island

Kare Kids Adventures #1
By Charles A Salter

The Secret of Bald Rock Island (Kare Kids Adventure #1) by Charles A. Salter is an exciting children's adventure about a young girl determined to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance. Ten-year-old Kelcie Oglethorpe has always been curious and ready for adventure. Mr. Bartelby,...

Same Inside, Different Outside

By Deborah Hunt

What do you look like beneath your skin? Why do we have bones? Does everyone have the same organs? The same bones? Same Inside, Different Outside by Deborah Hunt is a charming illustrated children's book about how the human body works. Emma loves her kindergarten...

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Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle?

By Chris Mulcahy

Have you ever heard of a Polanusnore, a Merpladoe or a Larplaglomp? Really, you've never met or heard of any of these creatures? Well, these are some of the unusual, eclectic characters that live on Dwinidigdig Island. Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle? by...

Talking Tales

The Bright Red Tricycle
By Erica Graham

Talking Tales: The Bright Red Tricycle by Erica Graham is an adorable story that revolves around Ryan and his bright red tricycle, which loves riding every day. The tricycle had bright red paint that shimmered in the sun and he was the happiest tricycle in...