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Playtime is Over (Checkmate Book 1)
By Ellen K. Bennett

When Janice, a hard-working, fun-loving young woman making a name for herself in her family catering business, meets Blake, a wealthy, sophisticated, older man, although sparks fly Janice initially believes he is way out of her league. But nobody can deny the intensity of the...

The Other Side of Anger

IRWA IGO Finalist
By Courtney Lea

The Other Side of Anger by Courtney Lea is a sizzling romance for both young adult and mature readers, a story with an interesting plot, great characters, and a strong conflict. Bryant has just discovered that she was adopted, a discovery that drives her to...

Too Tempting

The Lewis Cousins Book 1
By Bethany Lopez

Too Tempting by Bethany Lopez is the first book in The Lewis Cousins series, an incredible sizzling romance delivered in an exceptional narrative voice. Meet Gabriel “Gabe” Lewis, an ex-NFL player who continues to relive his passion by organizing football camps for teens. This is...


A Dark Romance
By Z Exie

Thecla: A Dark Romance by Z Exie is a compelling story that combines romance and sci-fi to create great entertainment for readers. In a tale set in the very distant future, readers are introduced to young Thecla, a brave girl who survives impossible odds in...


By Marlo Lanz

In Raincheck by Marlo Lanz, when Liv decided to join Gabe for his four month band tour, all she was looking forward to was hanging out with her best friend, having lots of fun on the road, and a chance to work on her thesis....

The RN Diaries

The Naughty Nurse Series
By Dolyn Keys

The RN Diaries by Dolyn Keys is a hot entry in The Naughty Nurse Series, a hilarious, captivating story that follows the lives of three nurses and what they do when they are not working. Their names are Vanity Carter, Nadia Hollinsworth, and Kensington Dumas,...

Fired Up

By Anna Durand

Fired Up by Anna Durand is a romance novel that would appeal most to an audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy firefighter romances, and who do not mind explicit sex scenes and explicit language. Adam Caras is a firefighter known as the...

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By R.J. Castille

Juggling two worlds at once is hard for any person to do, especially when that person is working for someone who’s impossible to please. In R.J. Castille’s Goddess, Executive Assistant Leila King works for big-time lawyer Gordon Roth, a man who seems content with sabotaging...

Parrots, Red Wine & Coffee

By Black Hamlet

Parrots, Red Wine & Coffee by Black Hamlet takes its title from the vibrant cover art featuring--you guessed it--a parrot rendered in oil with broad strokes on a canvas specially prepared with red wine and coffee before being painted upon. Black Hamlet’s oil on canvas...

His Desire

HIS Series Book 1
By Sheila Kell

His Desire: HIS Series, Book 1 by Sheila Kell is the story of passion and finding that sweet relief when you can fall in love once more, especially when you have sworn you will not love again. The story follows FBI Special Agent Kate Ross;...