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Dangerous in a Kilt

Hot Scots, Book 1
By Anna Durand

Dangerous in a Kilt: Hot Scots, Book 1 is a sizzling romantic novel written by Anna Durand. Anyone who knew Erica Teague would never have expected to see her perched on a bar stool in Chicago’s Dance Ardor. The nightspot was an underground club that...

Still Waters

What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever
By Ellen K. Bennett

Still Waters: What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever by Ellen K. Bennett is a powerful love story, a sizzling romance that is character-driven and that will keep the reader’s eyes riveted on the pages. “I wish Mark’s friend Greg would stop staring at me....

Go Down Swinging

Erotic Romance for Professional Women
By J. M. Ellis

Go Down Swinging by Joseph M Erickson is an Erotic Romance for Professional Women. Carlos Rodriguez has everything he ever wanted – a great job, a successful wife and three lovely daughters. Things go downhill when he discovers his wife in bed with another man....

Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine

The Green Room Chronicles Book 1
By J.D. Frettier

Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine (The Green Room Chronicles Book One) is a very unique book indeed. What J.D. Frettier has crafted within the pages of this one-of-a-kind tale is a mix of grief, metaphysics, erotica, and love. The main character, Bonnie, suddenly finds herself in the...

The Two Magicians

An Atypical Love Story - erotic, crazy, romantic exotic...
By C. St. Sinclair

The Two Magicians: An Atypical Love Story by C. St. Sinclair is a sizzling blend of romance and erotica, but the erotic aspect of the story is so loud it could play down some of the beautiful elements of the narrative. The reader is introduced...

1462 South Broadway

Jessie Hayes Book 1
By KC Decker

KC Decker's 1462 South Broadway is book one in the Jessie Hayes series, a sizzling contemporary romance with a huge potential to entertain fans of the genre. In a deliciously crafted story, the reader is introduced to an exotic world of eroticism and a sexually...

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Hotel Hookup

By Annabelle Snow

There are a few things all bridesmaids are guaranteed; a generally unflattering dress so the bride shines, watching her friend morph into Bridezilla, and an obnoxious if gorgeous escort down the aisle. For Amaree Lowell, we can scratch obnoxious because the gorgeous escort is her...


A Battle Of Gods
By Elizabeth Salawu

Abiku: A Battle of Gods by Elizabeth Salawu is a unique “erotic” paranormal romance set primarily in Nigeria. The protagonist, Ekundayo (Dayo) is of a blended heritage (Nigerian and German) and labeled an Abiku (witch or one born to die) due to not only this,...

Coming Home

Baytown Boys Series
By Maryann Jordan

Coming Home by Maryann Jordan is a stunning entry in the Baytown Boys series, a perfect book for fans of romance and suspense. Readers are introduced to compelling characters, military men who come home to their roots, to rediscover the tranquility of their seaside town....

Eric and Lamar Dance

By Enrique Stein

Eric and Lamar Dance by Enrique Stein is a gay romance novel that explores a sub/dom race-play relationship from childhood to adulthood. Eric and Lamar Dance would appeal most to an audience of adults with an interest in gay sub/dom romance and race play. The...