Fiction - Intrigue

The Spark

A Carolina Connections Novel
By Sylvie Stewart

Sylvie Stewart’s The Spark is another entry in the Carolina Connections series, a book I judged by its cover and one that turned out to be a perfect read in the romance category, a love story that is character-driven and so tightly written that readers...

Voice in the Wilderness

Against All Enemies Volume 1
By H. L. Wegley

Voice in the Wilderness by H.L. Wegley is the opening book in the Against All Enemies series, a thriller with great spiritual and political undertones, and a stunning indictment of a system that fosters dictatorship and a mindless form of capitalism. The US is heading...

The Olympium of Bacchus 12

By William Speir

The Olympium of Bacchus 12 by William Speir is an engrossing sci fi tale set two hundred years after the destruction of Earth. The new UEPC - United Earth Planet Confederation - explored and eventually colonized twenty-two planets in numerous star systems. During the colonization,...

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus

Legends, The Lily Singer Adventures, Book 4
By Lydia Sherrer

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Legends by Lydia Sherrer is the fourth book in The Lily Singer Adventures series. The time has to come for Lily to discover if the legends of Morgan Le Fay are true when she, her friend, Sebastian, and her cat,...

Lightning Strikes

An Andromeda Spencer Novel, Book 1
By Theresa Parker

Lightning Strikes (An Andromeda Spencer Novel, book 1) by Theresa Parker is a paranormal mystery story. Andromeda Spencer was struck by lightning when she was 15 and was in a coma for a month. Not long afterwards, she discovered that she had a few special...

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Deadly Peril

Alec Halsey Mystery Book 3, A Georgian Historical Mystery
By Lucinda Brant

Set in the glitzy atmosphere of eighteenth century England, Deadly Peril: A Georgian Historical Mystery by Lucinda Brant is book 3 in the Alec Halsey mysteries. When Alec Halsey escaped from Midanich for the first time, he vowed never to return there again. But now,...

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The Regulars

By Paris Singer

The afterlife is different for everyone, but for a man who doesn’t remember who he is (or rather, who he was) or what happened to him before he woke in that forest, it’s an endless chain of questions. All he can do is keep looking...

Tower of the Arkein

Kan Savasci Cycle Book 2
By Chase Blackwood

I liked Tower of the Arkein. I liked it a lot. There is a lot of first class world building and I always appreciate that. It takes a lot of research, effort, and patience, but it pays off. There are a lot of higher purposes...

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Jill Andersen Series Book 1
By J.D. Cunegan

Bounty by JD Cunegan is Book 1 in the Jill Anderson Series. Jill Anderson is a bright detective, one of Baltimore’s best, but she has a secret, one she doesn’t want anyone to know about. The body of Dr. Trent is found in the Chesapeake...

Fatal DNA

By Jose Miguel Vasquez

Fatal DNA by Jose Miguel Vasquez is a mystery, thriller, and suspense novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy fast paced murder mysteries and thrillers. An alarm signal at the house of publicist Corina Salgado...