Fiction - Intrigue

A Rebel Among Us

The Renegades Series book 3
By J.D.R. Hawkins

A Rebel Among Us by J.D.R. Hawkins is a Civil War novel with a powerful setting, great and compelling characters, and a plot that leaves readers no chance to put down the story, even for a moment. After the bloody battle of Gettysburg, the Confederates...

Cats' Eyes

Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries Book 1
By Mollie Hunt

Cats' Eyes (Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries Book 1) by Mollie Hunt is an intriguing sleuth mystery that will delight cat lovers. Lynley is retired and works for Friends of Felines, a cat rescue center. Happy with her work and seven cats, Lynley feels like she...

Six Minutes Early

By Patrick Parker

Six Minutes Early by Patrick Parker shows the great risk taken by security operatives in the fight against terrorism. Max Kensworth, a former Delta Force officer, is given the assignment of recovering stolen nuclear weapons (SADM). Representing the Department of Defense (DOD), he works closely...

To Fear The Dawn

By Sean Young

The battle between good and evil is a common occurrence in our world. Sean Young clearly showed the battle between good and evil in To Fear The Dawn, with the good side comprising Nicholas Gallagher (the computer genius and billionaire), Decklin Kanabas (the controversial priest),...

Death Pledges a Sorority

The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries Book 5: A Cozy Mystery with Recipes
By M K Scott

Death Pledges A Sorority (The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries Book 5: A Cozy Mystery with Recipes) by MK Scott is a delightful mystery set at a bed and breakfast inn. A group of sorority sisters descends upon The Painted Lady Inn for a weekend getaway....

The Ambiguity of Guilt

A Haszard Narrative
By Kevin E. Hatt

The Ambiguity of Guilt: A Haszard Narrative is a humorous sleuth mystery novel written by Kevin E. Hatt. While this is not the first novel in Hatt's Haszard Narrative Series, the author gives enough background information to allow it to be read as a stand-alone...

In the Middle

By S. J. Henderson

In the Middle is centered around Lucy (Lucille Torres) who is forced to move in with her Aunt Perdita after she loses her parents in a car crash. Aside from the physical injuries, she also suffers emotional injuries as she was the one behind the...

The Professor

The Silent Assassin #3, A Dark Space Opera Novel Series
By Adrian P.

In this third installment of Adrian P.'s space opera series The Silent Assassin, The Professor is a novel more suitable for the reader who is thoroughly familiar with military action, space warfare, and political novels. The story takes readers to an entirely different universe with...

The Shape Of My Soul

ShapeShifter Romance
By Lynette Ferreira

The Shape of My Soul by Lynette Ferreira is a wonderfully sweet paranormal romance that does not allow the paranormal to overshadow the romantic intrigue in any way. Ferreira remembers the number one rule for romance novels, and that is the romance comes first!...

Millie's Angel

Just Imagine ...
By Kim Petersen

Millie's Angel: Just Imagine by Kim Petersen is a family saga, a story about family secrets, hurts, and the liberating power of love. When Millie comes home and discovers that her mother has been badly hurt, she believes it could be the worst day for...

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