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The Far Haven Treasury

A Windflower Saga Collection
By Aleksandra Layland

The Far Haven Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection by Aleksandra Layland is an absolute and delightful treat for fans of fantasy, comprising of the novel Far Haven and the novellas Courage of Ansgar, Swords of Ansgar, and Albina. These are stories that feature ordinary people...

Demoweir's Rise

Great War Chronicles Book 2
By Michael Benningfield

A freshly original and delightful read, Demoweir's Rise by Michael Benningfield is the second book in the Great War Chronicles, a tale that features magical beings, great warriors, storm riders, ogres, giants, Cyclopes, elves, and a world that is strangely similar to the one created...

Deadly Peril

A Georgian Historical Mystery, Alec Halsey Mystery Book 3
By Lucinda Brant

Deadly Peril: A Georgian Historical Mystery by Lucinda Brant features Lord Alec Halsey. When Halsey’s friends are imprisoned by an old adversary, he does what he swears he will never do. He returns to Midanich, which is in the midst of a civil war, to...

The White Tower

The Aldoran Chronicles: Book 1
By Michael Wisehart

The White Tower by Michael Wisehart is the first book in The Aldoran Chronicles. In this world, the use of magic is forbidden because the Great Wizard Wars wreaked havoc in Aldoran, yet the ones who judge and persecute wielders of magic use magic themselves...

A Kingdom Forgotten

A Throne of Souls - Book 1
By Charles McDonald Jr.

A Kingdom Forgotten is a wonderful opening into A Throne of Souls series by Charles McDonald Jr., an opening which I consider to be the best promise for a long, epic adventure. This book will have a great appeal for fans of general fiction, sci-fi...

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Keys of the Origin

Book 1: The Scions of Balance (Aeldynn Lore)
By Melissa A. Joy

Keys of the Origin by Melissa A. Joy is book one of The Scions of Balance series. It follows two very different men, Zehn and Larkh, one law abiding and dedicated to the people, and the other, a thief with a code. But they share...

Frenchmen and Long Knives

By Geoff Baggett

Geoff Baggett’s quickly growing series about patriots of the American Revolution is rapidly becoming an award-worthy and highly popular contribution to historical fiction centered on this crucial moment in world history. Frenchman and Long Knives is the third installment in his series, and the best...

The Speaker

By Andi O'Connor

I was mentally transported into strange and exciting places, encountering powerful and deadly characters in The Speaker, the second book in The Vaelinel Trilogy by Andi O'Connor. One reads nonstop, and once the last page is turned, it feels like waking up from a nightmare...

The Moor

Book I of the Crusader Trilogy
By Reina Donovan

The Moor (Book I of the Crusader Trilogy) by Reina Donovan is a short novella set in a little Christian kingdom named Mordo somewhere in medieval Europe. The Moors have extended their domain right up to the northern ranges of the Iberian Peninsula. Medieval Spain...

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The Wizard of Crescent Keep

Special Edition - Book One
By Lady Saera

The Wizard of Crescent Keep by Lady Saera is an epic fantasy that will have great appeal for both young and adult readers, a well-crafted tale of a powerful sorcerer caught up in a world filled with dangerous and wicked people. Things get even more...

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