Fiction - Action

The Quiet Coup

A Political Thriller
By Rob Lubitz

When Bill and Cheryl Parker are visited by an aggressive reporter who has recognized them from news footage of an earthquake on Molokai, their idyllic, love-filled lives are turned upside down and inside out by more than the earthquake in this riveting political thriller, The...

Fly on the Wall

Detective Annie Avants Crime Fiction Book 5
By Renee Benzaim

Fly on the Wall: Detective Annie Avants Crime Fiction Book 5 by Renee Benzaim is a murder mystery. Interstate I5 runs from Canada down to the Mexican border, through Kern County, and law enforcement agencies are struggling to fight the rise in drug trafficking. Kern...

Mia's Magic Wand

By Peter Volkofsky

Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Mia’s Magic Wand, the new book by author Peter Volkofsky. This story grabbed me from the very start and kept me obsessively reading all the way through until the very end! Follow the...


Echoes Trilogy Book 1
By Marc Buhmann

Earth is in dire straits. Political turmoil and a deadly virus have made life on Earth difficult. Starting a colony on a distant planet seems like a good way to escape the evils that have invaded the home planet. A group of individuals embarks...

The Maltese Pigeon

A Matt Kile Mystery
By David Bishop

The Maltese Pigeon by David Bishop is the most current installment in the successful Matt Kile Mystery novels. And although this is the fifth book in the series, those readers only just jumping aboard need not worry; The Maltese Pigeon reads very well as a...

The Siege

A Psychological Thriller
By James Hanna

The Siege (A Psychological Thriller) by James Hanna is a fiction novel that follows a prison takeover. The Siege will appeal most to an audience of adults who enjoy prison fiction with all of its raw grittiness. The story takes place in The Indiana Penal...

Burning Through Their Eyes

By Eugene Knight

Burning Through Their Eyes by Eugene Knight is the continuation of In Between Dreams, the story of Toby. When we first met him, he was getting to know his new powers and trying to cope with the violent dreams he had. Now that he has...

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...Sound of Thunder

Freedom's Coalition - Book 7
By James Huber

Sound Of Thunder is told by Clifford Lawrence Jr to a journalist looking for a good war story. When the British leave Belize, the United States and Spain decide that they want it for themselves. The Americans, led by the crafty vice president Winters, move...

Two Faced

By Alexis Kennedy

Two Faced by Alexis Kennedy is an action thriller. There ain’t no stopping Scarlett Vanderwall. She always gets whatever she is after, at least that what she believes. Ivan Stanislovsky is a gun for hire; smart, daring, strong, but this might just be one assignment...

Operation Blue Sapphire

By David B. Gilmore

Operation Blue Sapphire by David B. Gilmore contains adventure in surplus. This is a story of some magnitude. An exciting tale of murder, subterfuge, OSS engagement, drug dealing and arms smuggling. As if that were not enough excitement for one book, the tale takes...