Non-Fiction - Occupational

Behind the Secret of Success - The Real Story

Why so many try so hard, yet so few succeed.
By Ashok Nath

Have you tried everything you know to excel, and it just isn't working? Do you wonder why others surpass you despite your best efforts to improve? Are you tired of doing everything right, just to have things keep going wrong? Perhaps it's because the...

Frazzled to Free

The Soulful Momma's Guide to Finding Meaningful Work
By Kayla Berg

Are you feeling stuck in a soul-sucking job, but are too afraid to transition to something more enjoyable for fear of not making enough money? Do you feel the responsibility of bringing in an income hounding you, demanding that you leave your baby or children?...

From Boy To Blue

Becoming One Of America's Finest
By Steve Warneke

If you want to know what it feels like to be a cop, to understand police procedures and their commitment, coupled with their fine sense of accountability, then reading Steve Warneke’s memoir will be best for you. From Boy To Blue: Becoming One Of America's...

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Something New Every Day

By Richard C. Smith

Something New Every Day by Richard C. Smith is a non-fiction memoir on the life of a farmer. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience made up of readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy memoirs and learning more...


How Experts Just Like You Are Charging Premium Rates For What They Know And You Can Too!
By Rob Cuesta

If you were to visit Rob Cuesta's website, watch his promotional video, check his bio and bibliography, you'd know immediately that reading Premium! won't be wasting your time...assuming that you want to know how to command fees for your services that are in line with...

Fire Up Your Profile For Lifework Success

Revised 2016
By Nancy J. Miller

In this digital age, the need for numerous profiles can be exhausting. Every platform requires its own profile and the more you want to get from the platform, then the more you should put into the creation of your profile. I like the approach that...

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

A Spiritual Workbook
By Emily Klintworth

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology: A Spiritual Workbook is a nonfiction New Age religion and spirituality book written by Emily Klintworth. The author is a professional astrologer whose initial interest in the field was sparked by an old volume she found in the 1920s bungalow...

American Badge Betrayed

The toxic reality of police corruption and discrimination
By Robert Alvarez

American Badge Betrayed by Robert E Alvarez tells the story of how an altercation between himself and another police officer at the scene of an arrest started the ball rolling on a nine-year battle to clear his name, regain the status level he had already...

On The Road With Abraham

Master Manifestation and Create a Kick Ass Life
By Sandra Phillips Meyler

On The Road With Abraham: Master Manifestation and Create a Kick Ass Life is written by Sandra Phillips Meyler. In the late 1990s, Sandi Phillips was ‘tooling around in an old clunker somewhere on the back roads of Vermont,’ and, except for her beautiful daughter,...

The Neo-Generalist

Where You Go Is Who You Are
By Kenneth Mikkelsen, Richard Martin

How do you live a life of purpose if you live it in multiple worlds? That is one of the questions asked in The Neo-Generalist: Where You Go Is What You Are by Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin. According to Mikkelsen, Marie Curie,...