Young Adult - Horror


Dark Days Book 1
By Marcy Dyer

Contagion: Dark Days Book 1 by Marcy Dyer is the first in an apocalyptic survival series about a group of people struggling to survive after a deadly virus has been released on humanity. Yes, it’s another zombie apocalypse story, but Contagion has one major difference...

Spooky Twisties I

By Terri Bertha

Spooky Twisties 1: 13 Tales of Terror by Terri Bertha is a collection of thirteen short stories, all of whom center on a group of young children that are only beginning to understand the horrors lurking within their sleepy town. Each tale illustrates the nightmares...

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Hollis McCalister

By DK McCloud

Hollis McCalister is a typical nerdy teenager, who is only trying to survive high school on a daily basis, as well as constant bullying from one of his peers. His life is not easy. Apart from being shy, and really unhappy because of the whole...

Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper's Junction

A Hunted Tribe Prequel - Book 1
By Roma Gray

Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper's Junction by Roma Gray is a Prequel to A Hunted Tribe. Karl is one of the best gunslingers the old West has ever seen, a hired assassin now retired. But he’s bored, something is missing. One chance meeting changes his life around...

The Devil's Fairy Tale

The Wolf in the Woods
By Greg Stewart

I have been a lover of fairy tales my entire life. Long before I understood the often-dark symbolism, or the deeper psychological terror that runs through most fairy tales, I simply enjoyed how afraid these stories made me. I think this is the attractive point...

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The Demon Conspiracy

Book #1 of The Demon Conspiracy Series
By R. L. Gemmill

The Demon Conspiracy by R.L. Gemmill is Book 1 of The Demon Conspiracy Series. Kelly, Jon, and Travis Bishop are orphaned after an accident and, after being shuffled around, they finally get placed with a family in Northern Virginia. At last, life can get back...

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Come As You Are

A Short Novel and Nine Stories
By Steven Ramirez

Come As You Are: A Short Novel and Nine Stories is a collection of horror tales for young adult readers, written by Steven Ramirez. Being twelve years old was not the idyllic thing that most grownups remember it being. Ask Ivan, a middle school kid,...

Zombie Mage

By Jonathan J. Drake

Readers will find a hidden gem, oddly enough, in Jonathan J. Drake's Zombie Mage. There is a dark and chilling tale within the fantastical plot, but it isn't as grotesque as one might expect from a novel that includes zombies. Olligh Selthnik awakens in a...

Imagine Jade Gone

Book 2 of Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate
By Wray Ardan

Imagine Jade Gone by Wray Ardan is the sequel to Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. Jaden Lisette thought the worst thing she had to deal with was attempting to get along with her sister. That all changed when she accidentally released her late grandfather's bloodthirsty creations...

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Barrow of the Damned

By Jonathan J. Drake

Barrow of the Damned is a young and new adult horror novel written by Jonathan J. Drake. Gavin, Dale, Katie and Jane were having a blast during the week-long extended role-play event hosted by Mr. Stephens at the Wardhope Centre, but the foam swords and...