Young Adult - Horror

Barrow of the Damned

By Jonathan J. Drake

Barrow of the Damned is a young and new adult horror novel written by Jonathan J. Drake. Gavin, Dale, Katie and Jane were having a blast during the week-long extended role-play event hosted by Mr. Stephens at the Wardhope Centre, but the foam swords and...

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Wear White to Your Funeral

By Lisa Acerbo

Wear White to Your Funeral by Lisa Acerbo is a book with an intriguing title. Yes, the title caught my attention, but when I opened the first page I knew there would be no turning back. This is a paranormal story with great elements of...

Rat City

The Rat Chronicles Book 1
By Ree Kimberley

One great thing about young adult novels these days is that they are for everyone. Ree Kimberley’s Rat City (The Rat City Chronicles Book 1) is no exception. This book will keep you turning the pages as you become immersed in the landscape of teen-hood...

Spider School

By D. P. Roseberry

Ariana, or Ari to her friends, has a phobia – Arachnophobia, a spider phobia. And it’s hit her hard. So much so that Ariana can’t sleep at night for fear of spiders crawling all over her; she really doesn’t have any friends as they all...


The Wanderland Chronicles
By J.M. Sullivan

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles is a dark take on the Lewis Carroll classic. Follow Alice Carroll as she leaves the safety of the Sector to find a cure for the (un)deadly Momerath Virus to save her sister, who has begun to show signs of infection....

In The Darkness

By Leah Hamrick

In the Darkness by Leah Hamrick is a fun little paranormal story that is just waiting to become a book. I loved it. Anna is a smart young woman just trying to get through her teenage world of school, boyfriends, parents, and something really scary...

Deprogramming A Bully

The Barber Chair series ~ Book 1
By Kathy Rae

Deprogramming A Bully: The Barber Chair series ~ Book 1 is a Christian fantasy fiction novel for young adults and preteens written by Kathy Rae. Boone Butterfinkle was not having the best of days. The fourteen-year-old had been suspended from school after he was...

The FATOFF Conspiracy

By Olga Werby

Cindy Rella, the main character of The FATOFF Conspiracy by Olga Werby, struggles with obesity like almost all people in the world. Rich people can eat all they want and their extra fat is stored in fat storage tanks that are in a different dimension....

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Bloodline Gypsy

Jook and Gypsies, Vol. 1
By Shirley A. Martin

Bloodline Gypsy by Shirley A. Martin is the first volume in the Jook and Gypsies series, following Susannah after her mother and grandparents die, leaving her in the custody of a father she's never met. She thought this would be a fresh start for her,...


Terrifying and Thrilling Tales
By Angie Martin

Shadows by Angie Martin is a fresh and frightening trek into the world of psychological horror. Via six eerie stories, Martin reflects the turmoil that normal people can feel when things go really wrong—that’s right, normal people. Not the super heroes or the person(s) you...