Romance - Contemporary

Twists of Fate

A Folk-Rock Odyssey
By Robert Gilberg

Twists of Fate by Robert Gilberg takes you on a romantic journey through time. Tom Patterson decides to take a road trip to California, wondering if second chances are possible. Tom has lived a sensible life. Living in Dayton, OH, he married Sara, raised their...

The Lame Duck

By Bernard Leo Remakus

The Lame Duck by Bernard Leo Remakus is a medical thriller. Bob Cassidy is probably the worst doctor in the USA. Already on his third suit for malpractice, Cassidy is about to find himself stripped of all hospital privileges. Angela Fratello is called the Angel...

Stalker, My Love

By Zack Scott

Stalker, My Love is a romantic tale of suspense and mystery, written by Zack Scott. As the well-known admirer and stalker of Rosalyn Ray, Rhett Calloway seems to be the likeliest of suspects when Rosalyn disappears, after she storms out of a bar where her...

Stepping Stone

The Stone Series Book 2
By Dakota Willink

Giving new meaning to “off the charts,” Stepping Stone: The Stone Series, Book 2 by Dakota Willink is one of those novels that make you want more the moment you read the last word. The novel moves the story of Krystina Cole and Alexander Stone...


By Bernard Leo Remakus

Captain Zack Adams is an undisputed hero to the American people, but just what happened to him after his failed mission going after an elusive terrorist, code named Chameleon? No one seems to know for sure, other than that he’s vanished off the face of...

The Other Side of Anger

IRWA IGO Finalist
By Courtney Lea

The Other Side of Anger by Courtney Lea is a sizzling romance for both young adult and mature readers, a story with an interesting plot, great characters, and a strong conflict. Bryant has just discovered that she was adopted, a discovery that drives her to...

Lyrics Heart & Soul

Sistas Volume 2
By Anne Marie Citro

A character-driven, sizzling contemporary romance, Lyrics Heart & Soul by Anne Marie Citro is an enticing second entry in a series that will have readers enthralled. The story starts with the unusual sentence meted out to Ryder Vaughn, a sentence that takes him by surprise...

Alice Chang

By Robert Gilberg

An electrifying tale, a wonderful and masterful blend of romance and suspense, Alice Chang by Robert Gilberg is an entertaining story that will have readers racing through the pages. Abducted, repeatedly drugged, and forced to hack into digital satellite television systems, Alice barely manages to...


A Novel
By N. V. Baker

Vanished by N.V. Baker is a moving love story that isn’t at all about the romance. Instead, we are transported to the Middle East and see through the eyes of someone who appreciates the nuances of the local culture. Vanished follows the separate lives of...

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Soul Doubt

By D. Hart St. Martin

Soul Doubt by D. Hart St. Martin is a compelling paranormal romance with powerful themes and great characters. Job Chandler is a great rock ‘n roll star, a success in the music industry, with prolific skill with instruments. That is what everyone thinks, but it’s...