Romance - Contemporary

Still Waters

What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever
By Ellen K. Bennett

Still Waters: What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever by Ellen K. Bennett is a powerful love story, a sizzling romance that is character-driven and that will keep the reader’s eyes riveted on the pages. “I wish Mark’s friend Greg would stop staring at me....

Summer at Sunset

The Summer Series, Book 2
By Beth Labonte

Summer at Sunset is the second comedy romance novel in the Summer Series, written by Beth Labonte. After meeting Graham Blenderman on a cruise ship two years ago, Summer Hartwell is dreading her upcoming nuptials which are only weeks away. With a free wedding won...

Listening for Drums

By Robin Strachan

Listening for Drums is a contemporary fiction novel written by Robin Strachan. Dr. Carrie Nelson was getting ready to leave the Blackfeet Reservation in Northwest Montana once again. This was not the first time she would leave after completing her week as a volunteer with...

Lessons In Gravity

A new-adult, Yosemite National Park rock climbing romance
By Megan Westfield

Megan Westfield’s Lessons In Gravity is a sweet romance centered on rock climbing. Three years ago the heroine, April Stephens, watched her daredevil pilot father fall to a fiery death. Though so much time has passed, she’s never gotten over his death. It doesn’t help...

1462 South Broadway

Jessie Hayes Book 1
By KC Decker

KC Decker's 1462 South Broadway is book one in the Jessie Hayes series, a sizzling contemporary romance with a huge potential to entertain fans of the genre. In a deliciously crafted story, the reader is introduced to an exotic world of eroticism and a sexually...

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Family of His Own

By Catherine Lanigan

Family of His Own by Catherine Lanigan is a novel about love, life, and relationships. The chief protagonists in this book are Scott Abbott and Isabelle Hawks. Scott and Isabelle are old friends and Scott has always had a crush on her. Isabelle’s father passed...


At War With Cupid ... The Winners & a Bunch of Losers
By Paula Houseman

When I first dug into Apoca(hot)lips by Paula Houseman, my eyes bugged out and laughter bubbled up out of me. The main character, a divorcee called Ruth, has a somewhat tenuous relationship with her ‘cousin’ Ralph. Ralph is on a journey of his own to...

Hotel Hookup

By Annabelle Snow

There are a few things all bridesmaids are guaranteed; a generally unflattering dress so the bride shines, watching her friend morph into Bridezilla, and an obnoxious if gorgeous escort down the aisle. For Amaree Lowell, we can scratch obnoxious because the gorgeous escort is her...

Statistically Improbable

Dating by Design Book 2
By Jennifer Peel

What do you do when the very algorithm you use to help find your customers the perfect match tells you who your imperfect match is? Well, if you’re matchmaker Meg, you use the perfect opportunity, and get the intriguing but imperfect man out of your...

Cradle of the Serpent

A Man and a Woman's Imperfect Love
By Linda Lee Greene

Cradle of the Serpent (A Man and a Woman's Imperfect Love) by Linda Lee Greene is a fictional drama with a theme of dream/time travel and archaeology. This is a book that would appeal most to an audience of young adults and adults who enjoy...