Children - Preteen

The Investor

By Paul C. Ho

The Investor is an historical young adult adventure novel set in the Alaskan Arctic, written by Paul C. Ho. The little village of Noatak was experiencing the massive changes that affected nearly all of Alaska with the discovery of gold. Not only was there the...

Spooky Twisties I

By Terri Bertha

Spooky Twisties 1: 13 Tales of Terror by Terri Bertha is a collection of thirteen short stories, all of whom center on a group of young children that are only beginning to understand the horrors lurking within their sleepy town. Each tale illustrates the nightmares...

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Emerson Page and Where The Light Enters

By Christa Avampato

Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters by Christa Avampato is a gripping story about a young girl’s search for answers and clarity regarding her mother’s mysterious death. While the NYPD has given up on the case and thinks that Nora, the renowned anthropologist, simply...


By C.M. Williams

Inferno by author C.M. Williams is a delightful, exciting, and chilling novel about three young teenage girls, and their horses, who are caught in the midst of a forest fire. It doesn’t help that they are lost, not sure which way to turn in order...

Meeting Grandmom

By Jessica D. Adams

Meeting Grandmom by Jessica D. Adams revolves around the story of Janiece and Janielle who have never met their grandmother because she passed away when their mother and Aunt Jenny were teenagers. The story sees the two girls traveling back in time during the Christmas...

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By Stephen Kozan

Town is an adventure mystery novel for children, grades 4-6, written by Stephen Kozan and illustrated by Tony Maulfair. What had happened to White Tanks, Pennsylvania, and who were the mysterious black shadow figures that so many of the town’s remaining residents had had the...

Under the Summer Sun

A Story of Concordia (Book 2)
By Mary Mager

Life, even in a royal palace, can be difficult. Especially for teens who are trying to come to terms with their changing bodies and changing feelings. It takes courage to grow up. It takes courage no matter where you live. For Toby and Olive, it...

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Daniel Max and the King in the Tower

By Moshe Sipper

Daniel Max and the King in the Tower by Moshe Sipper is a children’s story about an adventure experienced by Daniel Max, his younger sister, Dana, and his best friend, Jake. Throughout the years there have been some mysterious disappearances in the town of Bleak...

The Gravel Pit Kids

By Geraldine Ryan-Lush

The Gravel Pit Kids is an adventure/coming of age novel for young adults and preteens written by Geraldine Ryan-Lush. David’s mom and dad were pretty excited about the family’s upcoming move to St. John. His mom had often complained that she was tired of small-town...

Catch the Watercolored Wind

Jamestown 1617
By Jan Frazier

Life in seventeenth century Jamestown, Virginia is beautifully depicted in the amazing historical novel, Catch the Watercolored Wind by Jan Frazier. After his father dies in 1616, eleven-year-old Jeremiah Clements, his sister and two brothers sail from London to Jamestown with their newly widowed mother,...