Non-Fiction - Relationships


How to Know if He's Really Your Man
By Dawn Burnett

Connect: How to Know if He's Really Your Man by Dawn Burnett is an interesting book that handles a relevant topic in an engaging manner. The author’s views on the topic are insightful and give hope to all those who want meaningful and lasting bonds...

Rules of Engagement

Learning from Nine Couples Who Make Marriage Work
By Dorothy O'Neill

Nine diverse couples speak about their successful and happy marriages in Rules of Engagement: Learning from Nine Couples Who Make Marriage Work by Dorothy O'Neill, giving useful insights on how to make relationships work and last. The author writes about their struggles and how they...

Lines of Listening

An Expose' of Generational Child Abuse and Marital Betrayal
By Joyce K. Gatschenberger

Lines of Listening: A Memoir of Generational Child Abuse and Marital Betrayal by Joyce K. Gatschenberger is a brilliant story of a “dysfunctional family” of abuse in its multifaceted forms. In the author’s own words, it’s “an account of how I became aware of the...

How My Husband Keeps Me Happy

A Guide To Building A Marriage That Lasts For Husbands (and Wives Too!)
By Karen Gordon, Evan Myshrall

Karen Gordon and her husband, Evan Myshrall, know what the pain of divorce is like. But they also know that a second chance of happiness is possible. In How my Husband Keeps Me Happy: A Guide to Building a Marriage that Lasts for Husbands (and...

The Sun is Gone

A Sister Lost in Secrets, Shame, and Addiction and How I Broke Free
By Jodee Prouse

What an irony! We live in a society that encourages us to drink and thinks we’re weird or something’s wrong with us when we decline the invitation to have “one more drink before you go?” Yet, we look with disgust on dishevelled drunks, passed out...

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In Love

The Larger Story of Sex and Marriage
By Ryan Messmore

When college student Ryan Messmore sees Karin for the first time, his eyes are delighted and his heart is in turmoil. How should he approach the object of his newfound desire? A desire to not only investigate his feelings, but learn the proper method of...

Jane Austen's Guide to Good Relationships

By Ronald W. Richardson

One will always wonder how Jane Austen, who lived so many years back, is able to speak about modern relationships when everything now has changed when compared to the times of Jane Austen. Jane Austen’s Guide to Good Relationships by Ronald W. Richardson gives insight...

Stepparenting the Grieving Child

Cultivating Past and Present Connections with Children Who Have Lost a Parent
By Diane Ingram Fromme

Stepparenting the Grieving Child: Cultivating Past and Present Connections with Children Who Have Lost a Parent by Diane Ingram Fromme is a comprehensive and informative guide for step parents facing one of the most heartbreaking of challenges. The book begins with Fromme's own experience with...

Lost in the Reflecting Pool

A Memoir
By Diane Pomerantz

It's often said that a shoemaker can't mend his own shoes or a hairdresser can't style her own hair. One might be tempted to look at Diane Pomerantz's difficulty in understanding and analyzing the narcissistic, mentally abusive husband she reveals to us in her memoir,...

How To Rescue Your Marriage

Proven Advice To Help Overcome Conflicts And Save Your Marriage Forever
By Alexis G. Roldan

How To Rescue Your Marriage: Proven Advice to Help Overcome Conflicts and Save Your Marriage Forever by Alexis G. Roldan is a useful guide with good strategies and advice on how to deal with conflicts in marriage so that the love and peace can be...