Non-Fiction - Writing/Publishing

Navigating Indieworld

A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book
By Julie A. Gerber and Carole P. Roman

From its eye-catching cover, to the warm, friendly tone, to the important and comprehensive information supplied by Julie A. Gerber and Carole P. Roman in Navigating Indieworld: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book, this book is a must-have for all those who...

Bring Your Fiction to Life

Crafting Three-Dimensional Stories with Depth and Complexity
By Karen S. Wiesner

Are you writing a book? Do you need help creating relatable characters that pop off the page? Bring Your Fiction To Life: Crafting Three-Dimensional Stories With Depth and Complexity by Karen S. Wiesner is a fantastic book on how to skillfully create realistic characters and...

10 Secrets to a Bestseller

An Author's Guide to Self-Publishing
By Tim McConnehey

Author Tim McConnehey in his book 10 Secrets To A Best Seller quickly points out there isn’t any self-publishing magic, rather it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. He makes a great statement that is very true for a writer when he says: “Success...

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Night Writer

Optimize Your Time, Update Your Skill and Write Around Your Day Job
By Sandee Hemphill

Author Sandee L. Hemphill explains that “72% of Americans have a book in them, but only 14% of them act upon it.” She gives the reader detailed information as to how they can make writing a book a reality. She discusses this in her book...

How To Make A Children's Book For Kindle

A Complete Guide To Formatting Of Children's Books For The Kindle
By Mark Watson

How to Make a Children’s Book for Kindle is not a how to write a children’s book guide. It will not teach you how to write or illustrate a children’s book. Instead, this book focuses on how to take your completed manuscript and illustrations and...

SEO - The Sassy Way to Ranking #1 in Google - when you have NO CLUE!

A Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 3)
By Gundi Gabrielle

SEO - The Sassy Way to Ranking #1 in Google - when you have NO CLUE! A Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 3) is a nonfiction internet marketing guide written by Gundi Gabrielle. Gabrielle is an author, internet entrepreneur...

Writing for Bliss

A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life
By Diana Raab

Do you have a story to tell? Is it about your life? A family story? Don’t know where to begin? There are a wealth of resources out there to help you get started, both in the form of actual courses (online and live), articles and,...

How to Write Fiction

The Basics
By Dorothy May Mercer

In How to Write Fiction: The Basics, the twenty-second book in Dorothy May Mercer's How To For You series, Mercer dives into the mechanics of writing with helpful tips for the burgeoning storyteller. Taking the reader and hopeful writer through the step by step basics...

How to Self Publish Inexpensive Books and Ebooks

By William Allan

You have finished writing your book. After much consideration, you have decided to take the self-publishing route to see your book in the market and retain full control of the entire process all the way to the final game of marketing. It’s a big job,...

The Complete Mailing List Toolkit

A box set
By Barb Drozdowich

You have become a published author: books, stories, and articles. How do you reach an audience and let the world know that you exist? That your writing is there to be shared and enjoyed? Everyone has been telling you to build a platform, set up...