Young Adult - Sci-Fi

Thistle Inferno

The Juniper Wars Book 3
By Aaron Michael Ritchey

Thistle Inferno is the third book in The Juniper Wars series by Aaron Michael Ritchey, a gripping sci-fi story with awesome characters and a riveting plot. Set in a dystopian world, in 2058, the Sino-American War has ravaged the world. But humanity also suffers from...

Stealing Liberty

By Jennifer Froelich

Stealing Liberty is a young adult novel by Jennifer Froelich. Reed and Riley are two teens who meet in a very unexpected place: a top secret detention school for teens whose parents are deemed enemies of the state. Reed does not expect to start a...

Fixer 13

The Forevers Book One
By G. Michael Smith

Thirteen is the female protagonist of Fixer 13 by G. Michael Smith, the first book in The Forevers series. Thirteen has just turned 13, and 13 seems to be her lucky number. She seems to be very lucky in general, and very bright, too. She...

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A Hypers Novel
By Rebecca Rock

Aquarius: A Hypers Novel by Rebecca Rock is a compelling sci-fi read with phenomenal characters. Their parents left to get supplies but never returned, leaving them in the cold and unforgiving world of the Normals. Meet Cloud, Star, Sky, Star, Rain, Luna and Storm, all...


The Globur Incursion Book 2
By D. Rebbitt

Contact by D. Rebbitt is book two in The Globur Incursion series. Hours from departing Gateway fleet outpost for his leave, Captain Blout is called in to lead a special fleet mission. The scientists on Planet X5682 have made a discovery that could change history....

Star Binder

By Robert Appleton

Star Binder by Robert Appleton is an outstanding work of young adult science fiction. Jim Trillion is a thirteen-year-old drifter on the planet Mars. Jim and his friend, Sergei, spend their days skimming credits. Digitally pick-pocketing others provides travel money and the freedom to roam....

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Cryptic Spaces

Dark Edge Rising
By Deen Ferrell

Cryptic Spaces: Dark Edge Rising by Deen Ferrell is a spellbinding novel that combines fantasy with sci-fi to usher readers into a world full of adventure and extraordinary happenings. A story with an international setting that is vividly captured in beautiful writing, taking readers across...

The Regnum Event

By Roger Scouton

A perfect read for young adult fans of sci-fi, The Regnum Event by Roger Scouton features a cast of compelling characters, a gripping plot, and a rollicking ride that provides great amusement and excitement for readers. Meet twin bikers Germaine and Sarah Thompson, poised for...

The Nectar

By Leslie Miller

It is the year 2180. The story of The Nectar by Leslie Miller introduces us to Hannah, who is a so-called shepherdess. Her job is to give nectar to the pollinators - people who manually pollinate plants because there are no more bees, and no...

Red Nexus

By Benoit Chartier

Red Nexus is my kind of novel. I have missed the days when William Gibson and his cyber punk revolution burst onto the scene. I loved this sub-genre and I have eagerly searched for comparable works. But I want them to be quality works. I...