Young Adult - Sci-Fi

The Other Side of Magik

The First Tale of the Mirror Worlds
By Michael Lingaard

The Other Side of Magik: The First Tale of the Mirror Worlds by Michael Lingaard is the story of two parallel worlds whose fate is in the hands of two teenage boys. Danny is from twenty-first century England where his life is so ordinary that...

The Bug Boys vs. Professor Blake Blackhart

By Stewart Hoffman

The Bug Boys vs. Professor Blake Blackhart: The Bug Boys, Book 2 is a science fiction novel for preteens and young adults written by Stewart Hoffman. While this is the second book in the series, Hoffman gives sufficient background information for it to be enjoyed...

Canopy of Hope

By Wayne Peterson

It was a day that became known as Day Zero, the day everything both started and ended. A solar flare resulted in critical system failures of electronics, satellites, and over 8000 planes plummeted from the sky. As things appear to get back to normal, on...

The Accidental Ambassador

Or Plan B
By DA Barr

The Accidental Ambassador (Or Plan B) by D.A. Barr is a great blend of sci-fi and fantasy. Young Douglas is having an ordinary day at school when a small creature begins to speak to him from a tree. He has just learned that this creature...

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Quantum State

By M. Black

Quantum State by M. Black is a science fiction novel in the style of The Hunger Games and Divergent. The main character, Masha, has grown up in a small community where their lives are dictated by MAQS, Machine At Quantum State. This high-functioning computer dictates...

The Gift Stone

Book One of The Gifted Series
By Bianca Rowena

Bianca Rowena brings you a story in The Gift Stone which could be straight from Star Wars. The Gift Stone is the first book in Bianca Rowena's The Gifted Series. Rita was raised by the temple as a temple girl, but following an encounter with...

Gears of Brass

A Steampunk Anthology
By Various

Gears of Brass is a Steampunk Anthology by various authors, including Jordan Elizabeth and Eliza Tilton. In a world powered by steam and filled with clockwork devices, these fairy tale retellings feature a steampunk twist. A Clockwork Dollhouse finds a power hungry Robert haunted by...


By M Black

Machine BC001001F2050A has escaped from ImaTech and is on the run. Other Flexbots hunt her through the forest, including BC001230M2054C, her erstwhile friend. But BC001230M2054C, thirty for short, isn’t himself anymore. All the Flexbots who use Exotiqa are different, changed, their individuality washed away by...

Driven to the Hilt

The Deepest Cut Volume 1
By D G Lamb

Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut by D.G. Lamb is one of the most original and well-told stories I’ve ever read. First-time author D.G. Lamb has established himself as a new talent in young adult novels with this first effort. At its core, this...


Stories of the Alien Invasion Book 1
By Mel Corbett

Taken is Book 1 in the Stories of the Alien Invasion series by Mel Corbett. It’s an imaginative beginning to what looks like an exciting series. The story follows several seemingly unrelated characters as they flee from an alien invasion. The pacing of the story...

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