Young Adult - Sci-Fi


The Wanderland Chronicles
By J.M. Sullivan

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles is a dark take on the Lewis Carroll classic. Follow Alice Carroll as she leaves the safety of the Sector to find a cure for the (un)deadly Momerath Virus to save her sister, who has begun to show signs of infection....

Black Dawn

By Mallory McCartney

Shape shifting, betrayal, romance and time travel conspire in Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney. The heroine, Emory Fae, is a twenty-one-year-old young woman who is troubled by the man she encounters in her recurring dream. But it is not a nocturnal mishap. It is the...

Coding Peter

Many Worlds, One Life Book 2
By Olga Werby

Coding Peter by Olga Werby is the exciting sequel to Suddenly, Paris in the Many Worlds, One Life series. While you do not necessarily need to read volume 1 to understand the sequel, I would highly recommend it as the series takes you on a...

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The FATOFF Conspiracy

By Olga Werby

Cindy Rella, the main character of The FATOFF Conspiracy by Olga Werby, struggles with obesity like almost all people in the world. Rich people can eat all they want and their extra fat is stored in fat storage tanks that are in a different dimension....

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Project Ancora

Project Renovatio Book 3
By Allison Maruska

I have a feeling that some time in the future events very similar to those that I just read about in Project Ancora will actually happen. I hope we are ready, morally, to handle the opportunities that science is going to give us. It is...

Anabelle Lost

A strangely unfamiliar story
By Melissa Volker

Anabelle Lost is a young adult urban fantasy novel written by Melissa Volker. Anabelle’s very identity was abruptly challenged and shattered as she woke up one morning. She was to have gone to her part-time job at the local bookstore, where she was working to...


The Ornis Experiment Volume 1
By Olga Werby

Pigeon by Olga Werby is the first volume of The Ornis Experiment series. It is the story of eleven-year-old orphan, Pigeon. One morning, he wakes up to find his mother dead and himself floating above her. His flying is a new development that comes as...

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Suddenly, Paris

Many Worlds, One Life
By Olga Werby

Julie, the main character of Suddenly, Paris: Many Worlds, One Life by Olga Werby, has to learn that nothing is as it seems in her life. Her real heritage is not what she thought it was, and the odd behavior of her grandmother becomes more...

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The Eye of Fuusa

The Maya Series Book 1
By Paul Emery

The Eye of Fuusa (The Maya Series, Book 1) by Paul Emery is a sci-fi fantasy centering on 14-year-old Third Princess Maya of Laran. Despite being highborn, she dislikes attention. The capital of Laran is in the midst of a week-long celebration, as Maya’s elder...

Ultimate Nyssa Glass

The Complete Series
By H. L. Burke,H. L. Burke

Ultimate Nyssa Glass: The Complete Series by H.L. Burke is a collection of YA steampunk/sci-fi novels centering on 16-year-old Nyssa, a reformed cat burglar. It starts with Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors, where the protagonist is happily working as an apprentice electrician and...