Young Adult - Sci-Fi

Day Moon

Tomorrow's Edge Book 1
By Brett Armstrong

I love science fiction and fantasy. I am a Christian. I am sure many people, my mother first among them, think that I am not Christian enough. That is a matter of what you think the exact definition of the word Christian means. I like...

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The Nosferatu Chronicles

By Susan Hamilton

The Nosferatu Chronicles: Origins by Susan Hamilton is a science fiction novel unlike any other. Having left their home planet of Vambiri in search of another planet capable of sustaining life, the Vambir find themselves on Earth in the 15th century. They accidentally stumble upon...

An Empire of Dreams

Of Hearts & Minds Book 1, A Time Travel Adventure
By Lewis J Jones

Shortly after the death of his paternal grandparents, Alex Priar’s world is thrown totally upside down when his parents disappear and strangers burst into his home in time to save his life in An Empire of Dreams by Lewis J. Jones. With tremendous destruction happening...

Meat The Family

Based on Meat My Uncle
By Erez Yehoshua Bailen

Meat The Family by Nick Coronis is based on the book Meat My Uncle by Erez Yehoshua Bailen. This book is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy science fiction with elements...

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I Want Superpowers

By Steven Bereznai

In I Want Superpowers by Steven Bereznai, sixteen-year-old Caitlin Feral undergoes the greatest challenge of her life to define her place in an evolved, dystopian, and segregated world. It is set against the backdrop of a dystopian world where humans (Dregs) and super-powered people (Supergenics)...


This Earth
By Ken Kirkberry

Enlightenment: This Earth by Ken Kirkberry is a sci-fi read with characters and a plot that will appeal to young adult readers. Meet fourteen-year-old Sean, who has just survived a car crash, and hasn’t yet fully recovered from the trauma when he is thrust into...

Nature's Confession

By JL Morin

Nature's Confession by JL Morin combines a variety of genres and sub-genres into an interesting story of two teenagers fighting to protect nature. It is not your run-of-the-mill sci-fi read, but a book that carries an empathic voice and strongly castigates the mindless practices and...

The Forgotten

By Joshua Noon

The Forgotten by Joshua Noon is a tantalizing sci-fi with characters that will have readers spellbound. A stranger, “a man with short, almost military-cut, sandy blonde hair and clean-shaven face…” has just been found by the nomadic folk, badly wounded and left to die. Everything...


By Ryan Galloway

Ryan Galloway’s debut novel, Biome, takes the reader to a Mars Colony in its infancy stages. Lizzy is one of two hundred cadets on the Colony. The cadet’s primary duty is to tend to the plants growing in the various biome domes while Mars is...

Time Zero

By Carolyn Cohagan

Walls separate Manhattan from the rest of the world and strict religious laws govern its inhabitants, the women in particular, in Time Zero by Carolyn Cohagan. Mina is fifteen years old and it’s the day of her offering, a ceremony to arrange her marriage. If...