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Gracie's Guide

Gracie Says No to Smoking
By Angie Wilson

Gracie’s Guide: Gracie Says No to Smoking is a wonderful story of schoolgirls on a class trip, who are tempted, even pressured to try smoking. Author Angie Wilson has created a marvelous story that children and parents can relate to. Gracie and her BFF...

Gracie's Guide

How to Deal with Bullying
By Angie Wilson

Gracie's Guide: How to Deal with Bullying by Angie Wilson is an educational children's book. It follows a young sleuth named Gracie. A boy named Cooper is bullying her by calling her ugly. Gracie doesn't know how to respond. The bullying gets so bad that...

Gracie's Guide

Gracie Learns About the Dangers of Prescription Drugs
By Angie Wilson

Gracie's Guide: Gracie Learns About the Dangers of Prescription Drugs by Angie Wilson is a children's book about a young detective named Gracie. One day at school, a boy named Eli was starting to eat what he thought was candy when he is called...

The Moose with the Pump

A book about Type 1 diabetes
By Yerachmiel Altman

The Moose with the Pump by Yerachmiel Altman is about David Jacob, the little blue moose who has type 1 diabetes. His parents tell him that he need not be scared as they will not let him down and, with the right information, he will...

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A Fairy Different Life

By Goob er (Goob)

A Fairy Different Life by Goob is a rhyming, educational children's book that follows a young girl. The girl is a bully, and she doesn't like the way certain people dress, or how certain people act. She wished everyone would be more like her, and...

Tina's Adventures

First Day of School
By Tita Horvat

Tina’s Adventures: First Day of School is a children’s book written by Tita Horvat and illustrated by Avijit Sil. Nervous about starting her first year at school, Tina is in a panic and asks her mother why she cannot just stay in kindergarten. When she...

And The War Came

The Slavery Quarrel and The American Civil War
By Donald J. Meyers

And the War Came: The Slavery Quarrel and the American Civil War by Donald J. Myers is a book about how slavery came about from classical times to the start of the American Civil War. The text covers the various tenets of slavery, as well...


. . .That is Subject to Change
By Patrice Lee

IT's JUST a "CIRCUMSTANCE" . . .That is Subject to Change by Patrice Lee is a rhyming children's book that teaches children about circumstances, and about how they don't last forever. The book follows many young children as they face tough circumstances. Like one child...

The Listening Story

By Jack Thompsen

Readers get to see Emma coming back from school in a bad mood in The Listening Story (Not So Serious Jack Series Book 3) by Jack Thompsen. Her father wants to know why she is so angry and she tells him that no one in...

The Little Big Girl

By Jack Thompsen

The Little Big Girl (Not So Serious Jack Series Book 2) by Jack Thompsen revolves around a little girl who lives in a little city. She lives in a little house and has little shoes. Her family is big, Mom, Dad, Sam the cat, and...