Young Adult - Action

True Life

Legends of Tye Series - Volume 1
By R. J. Tolson

True Life is the first entry in the Legends of Tye Series by R.J. Tolson, an adventure that will delight young adult readers and fans of comics. The reader is introduced to a magical setting and a clan known as the Astra Clan, comprising people...

Summer's Idyll

By Don Gutteridge

Summer's Idyll is a coming of age novel written by Don Gutteridge. Summer stretched out endlessly before him and his friends; it was only the first week, but Junior still remembered the last day of classes. He could feel the classroom seem to diminish somehow...


By Redd Kaiman

Dionykles by Redd Kaiman is a young adult epic fantasy novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy fantasy and do not mind violence. On the world of Stoneterra, a mortal woman by the name of...


The Chase Ryder Series Book 1
By Jo Ho

Wanted by Jo Ho is the first in the Chase Ryder series. Chase Ryder is fourteen and living on the streets when one night as she scrounges for food, she discovers a dog in the same situation. After he brings her food and saves her...

Thistle Inferno

The Juniper Wars Book 3
By Aaron Michael Ritchey

Thistle Inferno is the third book in The Juniper Wars series by Aaron Michael Ritchey, a gripping sci-fi story with awesome characters and a riveting plot. Set in a dystopian world, in 2058, the Sino-American War has ravaged the world. But humanity also suffers from...

The Town of Mohaba

Volume 1, Death
By Nazanin Marzban

The Town of Mohaba (Volume 1: Death) by Nazanin Marzban is a children’s science fiction fantasy novel that would appeal to a mixed audience of tweens and teens who enjoy magical and supernatural stories. Mohaba was once a magical town, but now it is known...

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The Sum of His Worth

By Ron Argo

The Sum of His Worth by Ron Argo will have you enthralled if you’re a fan of well-crafted novels with powerful themes and historical settings like me. This novel plunges the reader abruptly into a racial setting and an environment where the KKK holds sway,...

The Dawn of Skye

Book one of The Someday Children
By E. B. Heimdal

The Dawn of Skye by E.B. Heimdal is a gripping story that combines a dystopian setting with a densely plotted adventure to offer readers a fascinating tale, especially younger readers. Meet Skye and her twin brother, Ecco, as they cling to life, barely managing to...

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The Crown of Stones

By C. L. Schneider

For a rollicking, unpretentious good adventure, The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price by C.L. Schneider has few rivals. Ian Troy is a descendant of a gifted, yet shunned race called the Shinree, whose magic can only be harnessed and used to help other races as the...

Rising Vengeance

By Stephen J. Trolly

Intense and intoxicating, Rising Vengeance by Stephen J. Trolly is described as epic fantasy for young adult readers, but it most certainly is a delightful read for all fans of epic fantasy, a story with a powerful setting, great themes, and a conflict that is...