Young Adult - Action


An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series (The Starlight Chronicles Book 0)
By C. S. Johnson

Taking place in both the past and the present, Searching: The Starlight Chronicles by C.S. Johnson is a stunning fantasy novel that follows a young girl named Raiya. Raiya is a fallen star who was sent to Earth to protect it from the seven sinisters,...

The Font of Jasmeen

Elk Riders Volume Three
By Ted Neill

Prince Haille had always been made to feel responsible for the death of his beloved mother and queen, since she died giving birth to him. Coupled with the stigma of his mother’s death, he is considered a cripple, an invalid, even a freak, because of...

Monster in the Morning

The Monster Misadventures Book 1
By A.W. Sweaters

Cordelia has a monstrous secret, one that no one knows about, not even her adoptive family, nor the society she lives in. Not even her best friend, Wally. Here is the secret — she is a monster in the morning. Cordelia Grey grew up in...

Fire and Ice

Faerie Song Saga
By Michele Barrow-Belisle

Fire and Ice by Michele Barrow-Belisle is the first book in the Faerie Song Saga trilogy. Lorelei Alundra has always had the gift of healing, has always been considered an outsider. She thought the worst of her problems was trying to find a way to...

Dragon's Awakening

Heir of Dragons Book 1
By Sean Fletcher

Dragon's Awakening by Sean Fletcher is the first book in the Heir of Dragons series. Kaylee Richards was just an ordinary girl going on a normal first date before her first day of high school. Things take a turn for the worse when not only...

Search for the Sunlight

A Treewood Adventure
By Craig A. Thomson

Search for the Sunlight by Craig A Thomson is A Treewood Adventure. The treewoods are a part human, part tree race, a peaceful race, but now that the sunlight has gone and the fog has descended, they are gradually getting more and more depressed. The...

Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door (Volume 1)

By Bruce E Arrington

Josh just wanted to go fishing with his dad and quit school. One day, he ventures across the swamp, intending to go to town, but something about this familiar place was different. For a moment he thought himself lost, but all the markers indicated this...


The Kaelandur Series Volume 1
By Joshua Robertson

Melkorka leads the reader into Joshua Robertson’s The Kaelandur Series with an epic quest. Branimir Baran is a Kras, a race enslaved by the Highborn men of the North for generations. Much of the history and culture of his own people is lost to him,...

Heart of Mist

Book I: The Oremere Chronicles
By Helen Scheuerer

Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer is the first book in The Oremere Chronicles. After the death of her guardian, Bleak has drowned her sorrows and spent her time in search of a cure to end the magic she possesses to read minds. Her plans...

Canopy of Hope

By Wayne Peterson

It was a day that became known as Day Zero, the day everything both started and ended. A solar flare resulted in critical system failures of electronics, satellites, and over 8000 planes plummeted from the sky. As things appear to get back to normal, on...