Young Adult - Action


Insurrection Book 3
By Kadee Carder

Indelible by Kadee Carder is the third book in the Insurrection series. Like all teenagers, in fact like most people, Saylor is constantly struggling with her identity, her sense of purpose and her self-worth. All around her the battles between right and wrong rage, and...

Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet

By B. B. Morgan

Caroline and the Gilded Gauntlet, by B.B. Morgan, is a fast-paced adventure about standing up for yourself, even if it means forsaking the world you once knew. Caroline Eversole is the daughter of a wealthy merchant, who longs for freedom. One day, while visiting her...


By Kadee Carder

What’s in a name? Does it define a person? Saylor is really questioning the merits of names. Her newly discovered father, the Commander, has taken disciplinary action. He doesn’t want Saylor injured in any way, and Saylor, being the reckless, headstrong young woman that she...

The Unseen

Order of the Bell
By Jacob Devlin

The Unseen by Jacob Devlin is the second book in the Order of the Bell series. As King Bellamy declares that no one can leave the Old World, Pietro, Pino, and Alicia seek a way out to find their children, no matter the cost. Turning...

The Rampart Guards

Chronicle One in the Adventures of Jason Lex
By Wendy Terrien

The Rampart Guards by Wendy Terrien is Chronicle One in the Adventures of Jason Lex. After Jason Lex's mom disappears one night, his dad decides to move him and his siblings closer to their grandma and the uncle their mom never wanted them to meet....

Seb Cage Begins His Adventures

By Terry Tumbler

Seb Cage Begins His Adventures by Terry Tumbler follows young Seb and his brother, Bart, as they go to stay with their grandparents, Terry and Sandra. Soon, Terry brings Seb in to investigate a part of the town with a secret connected to aliens. When...


The Marks of Yggdrasil
By Anthony A Valleriani

Cristobal was a newborn when he was abandoned at the orphanage. As he grew up, he knew he was different, but it wasn’t until his thirteenth birthday, when he received a mysterious letter informing him that he is a wizard, that his true journey begins....

Eden Wakes

By C.S. Harte

Kayla is 16 and has been to more foster homes than she can count on one hand. Strange things happen around her, some might call it a talent, some a curse. But no matter what you call it, her talents are the reason no family...


Volume 1
By Kadee Carder

In the years following the Flare, an electrostatic disaster that literally fried all technology on Earth, people had to relearn the basic art of living. Some did; many didn’t. And the repercussions saw many children abandoned and placed in government-sanctioned homes. Saylor, so named because...

The Battle for Darracia

Books I - II - III
By Michael Phillip Cash

The Battle for Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash combines three books in one and plunges the reader into a world where chaos is about to tear it apart. The setting is on a planet called Darracia, a place where class distinction is rank and rife....