Young Adult - Action

Druids of the Faerie

Gather the Champions - Book 1
By Lewis G. Gazoul

Druids of the Faerie starts off a bit slowly, but develops into a wonderful story of princes and druids, battles and honor. Lewis G. Gazoul tells the story of Baytel, a prince who does not agree with the way his father, the king, is running...

The Scholar, the Sphinx and the Threads of Fate

Book Three of The Scholar and the Sphinx
By A.R. Cook

The Scholar, the Sphinx and the Threads of Fate is the third entry in The Scholar and the Sphinx series by A.R. Cook, a great fantasy read for young adult readers. This is a story that combines very interesting elements into a powerful plot —...


The Guardians Book 1
By Danielle Doolittle

Regret by Danielle Doolittle is book one of The Guardians series. Penelope Green's life is fairly mundane and routine, until a new girl named Jenna arrives at school. She befriends Jenna, and finds herself drawn to Jenna's older brother, Kane Whitmore, who seems to despise...

Colt Harper

Esteemed Vampire Cat
By Tyrolin Puxty

Colt Harper: Esteemed Vampire Cat by Tyrolin Puxty is a stunning fantasy novel about a vampire cat named Colt. A vampire cat always feels the need to avenge cats who have been treated badly. Colt has possessed a human named Sean for two years. But,...

White Plains

By Rebecca Perkin

White Plains by Rebecca Perkin is a good fantasy tale for young adult readers. I like stories where someone from our version of Earth is taken to another world. The connection to our place and time makes the protagonist’s actions and reactions understandable, but the...

The Crabapple Gang

The Gift of Dane Vol. 1
By David C. Baxter

The Crabapple Gang: The Gift of Dane Volume 1 by David C. Baxter is a children's book full of adventure and childhood. Dane and his friends live in a quiet neighborhood where not much ever happens ... until one night when he's recording a storm...

My Fair Assassin

A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (A Paranormal Misfits Romance Book 1)
By C.J. Anaya

My Fair Assassin by C.J. Anaya is the first book in the Paranormal Misfits series. Crysta lives every day trying to fit in and make it to the next day. She dyes her naturally white hair so she'll look like a typical teenage girl. She...

The Trainee Undercover

By Brenda Shaw

The Trainee Undercover by Brenda Shaw is a young adult thriller. Paul Collier is high up in a pharmaceutical company and he knows something that others don’t want to get out. His family is under threat if he says anything so he decides that they...

The Kili Wanna Affair

A Galactic Guild Comedy
By Scott A. Combs

In the beginning of Scott A. Combs' The Kili Wanna Affair: A Galactic Guild Comedy, which is the first book in the George and Sali Adventure series, George Shooters and Sali Terri haven't met yet. Sali, dressed in his new Galactic Guild ensign uniform, enters...

Russian Roulette

Helena Hawthorn Series Book 1
By May Freighter

Russian Roulette by May Freighter is book one of the Helena Hawthorn series. Helena Hawthorn is excited to embark on the next chapter of her life, moving out of her mum and stepdad's house and in with her two best friends for an easier commute...