Young Adult - Action


By Claire Luana

In Moonburner by Claire Luana, Kia's parents raised her as a boy to cover up the fact she was born with great magical power that allowed her to draw power from the moon. In their world, female moonburners are lifelong enemies to the male sunburners...

The Mysterious Adventures of Tommy Nowhere & Roscoe

Spirit of the Trees
By James Stilson

In The Mysterious Adventures of Tommy Nowhere & Roscoe: Spirit of the Trees by James Stilson, daydreamer Tommy, a thirteen-year-old boy, suddenly discovers that his fantasies about being a valiant knight have come true. Transported to the magical Green Leaf forest in the land of...

Pale Bricks

By K. L. Stein

In Pale Bricks by K.L. Stein, readers are introduced to compelling characters and a powerful dystopian setting. Simone lost her mother when she was very young and she has been through a lot, being one of the lowest members of her camp. The number sewn...

Project Ancora

Project Renovatio Book 3
By Allison Maruska

I have a feeling that some time in the future events very similar to those that I just read about in Project Ancora will actually happen. I hope we are ready, morally, to handle the opportunities that science is going to give us. It is...

Fall Far From the Tree

By Amy McNulty

Fall Far From the Tree is a dark fantasy by Amy McNulty about four teen children of leaders in the duchy and neighbor Hanaobi who grow up in fear of one another. Rohesia is the daughter of the Duke, trained to hunt the fugitives from...

Ultimate Nyssa Glass

The Complete Series
By H. L. Burke,H. L. Burke

Ultimate Nyssa Glass: The Complete Series by H.L. Burke is a collection of YA steampunk/sci-fi novels centering on 16-year-old Nyssa, a reformed cat burglar. It starts with Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors, where the protagonist is happily working as an apprentice electrician and...

Dinosaur Racing

By Thom Ring

Dinosaur Racing is a comedy-adventure novella written by Thom Ring. Sick of being so utterly and completely bored at the Golden Acres Residential Community – where the most exciting action the residents ever see is a great game of Bingo - Tony Stella decides that...

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Pearl of the Seas

A fairytale prequel to 'Black Inked Pearl'
By Ruth Finnegan

Pearl of the Seas by Ruth Finnegan is a children’s book and a prequel to Black Inked Pearl, written by the same author. Having read Black Inked Pearl, I actually enjoyed this book even more - probably because it is written for a younger audience...


Raven Daughter, Book 1
By A.D. Trosper

Unveiled: Raven Daughter, Book One is a young adult fantasy novel written by A.D. Trosper. Jo Collins and her sister, Victoria, sat on either side of their mother's hospital bed, each holding her hand. They knew she was dying, and they were determined to be...

Humble Beginnings

Episode One of The Prodigy Series
By John F. Thomas

Humble Beginnings is the first installment in The Prodigy Series, written by John F. Thomas. After a 10-year-old student, John Prodigy, receives yet another beating from the school bully, Tsang, John is escorted home after school by the teacher who’d broken up the fight,...

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