Non-Fiction - True Crime

Murder In The County

50 True Stories of the Old West
By Denele Campbell

Murder in The County by Denele Campbell is a collection of 50 True Stories of the Old West. Some people think that Arkansas was nothing to do with the Old West, but it was firmly up there with places like Texas. And crime abounded, from...

A Special Kind Of Evil

The Colonial Parkway Serial Killings
By Blaine L. Pardoe, Victoria R. Hester

A Special Kind of Evil by Blaine L. Pardoe and Victoria R. Hester is a look back at the Colonial Parkway Serial Killings. A team of true-crime authors, father and daughter, are bringing these cold cases back to life in the hope that new evidence...

Waynesville, Indiana

Mother's Day, Murder & Mayhem
By Ray and Debi Stanton

Author team of husband and wife Ray and Debi Stanton have taken great care in working with Daniel Burton, the lone survivor and witness to the Waynesville murders. They have also worked to corroborate as much of what he said as they were able. That...

Crime Buff's Guide To OUTLAW LOS ANGELES

By Ron Franscell

Crime Buff’s Guide to Outlaw Los Angeles by Ron Franscell is part true crime cliff notes, part tour guide, part crime trivia. It includes a comprehensive list of many of California’s most notorious and prolific criminals, chief among them killers, from Fatty Arbuckle to Charles...

The Complete Jelly Bryce Trilogy

By Mike Conti

The Complete Jelly Bryce Trilogy by Mike Conti is a compelling compendium of three books about one of the historical personages in US law enforcement, a legendary figure whose life is shrouded in mystery, Delf "Jelly" Bryce. Based on known facts and stories about the...

Bad Choices Make Good Stories

Going to New York (How The Great American Opioid Epidemic of The 21st Century Began)
By Oliver Markus Malloy

What a refreshing change! A writer who tells it like it is, who is honest and raw and lets you know from the word go, and not in terms as polite as this, that if you don’t like his choice of words, you can go…well,...

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'She Is Evil!'

Madness And Murder In Memphis
By Judith A Yates

'She Is Evil!': Madness and Murder in Memphis by Judith A Yates is the true story of how one woman abused the kindness and the religion of one man to the point of murder. Nobody could get hold of Ejaz Ahmad. His son and his...

Con Artistry

How to Spot and Deal with a Con Artist to Avoid the Different Types of Scams
By Edwin Piers, Instafo

Toward the end of Con Artistry by Edwin Piers, Instafo, the author states: “A con artist is only as great as its victim”. How very true, and one might add that the less informed the victim, the greater the con artist’s chances of success. That’s...

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A Scar is Born Book 1
By Christian Cipollini

Lucky (A Scar is Born Book 1) by Christian Cipollini is a comic book. It's 1929 and Salvatore Lucania is about to meet his fate. A brutal attack leaves him disfigured and this is the turning point, the point that turns him from plain Mr....

Cradle of Crime

A Daughter's Tribute
By Luellen Smiley

Luellen Smiley’s Cradle of Crime: A Daughter's Tribute is a narrative account of a hidden family history. The narrator of the story is hounded by her fear of her father, but after watching the documentary of Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel’s life, her father’s best friend, hearing...

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