Fiction - Paranormal


Angels and Demons Volume 2
By Beth Green

Quiver: Angels and Demons Volume 2 by Beth Green is an action packed novel that has it all. It has action, it has adventure, it has love, and it has an epic tale that you will want to read till the end and wish for...


By Ian M. Smith

Trace by Ian M. Smith is the story of Joanne Shaughnessy in what started out as a normal day, searching for a job and answers to her phantom limb pain. The New Age doctor she sees suggests she participates in a study on the Chi...

Toxic Tide

Dolphin Shore Shifters book 5
By CJ Matthew

Grus Garret, a Save Blue Waters field ops agent, has one mission on his mind – find the killer who took out another SBW agent and their whistle blower. In Toxic Tide by C.J. Matthew, Grus is taking a few days before a dolphin relocation...

Inn at Raven's Crest

By Salem Marlowe as written by Gloria Kruszka

Maggie and Lee, two life-long friends, have always dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast. When the opportunity arises, the two jump at the chance to make this dream a reality. They find an old Victorian home that has been vacant for many years and...

In The Darkness

By Leah Hamrick

In the Darkness by Leah Hamrick is a fun little paranormal story that is just waiting to become a book. I loved it. Anna is a smart young woman just trying to get through her teenage world of school, boyfriends, parents, and something really scary...


Dark Surf – Volume 2
By T.C. Zmak

Rising is Volume 2 of the Dark Surf Series by T.C. Zmak. When the Rogues attacked the Nomads, they bit off more than they could chew. Jake and Leilani are on their trail, chasing Dean to stop him before he can build up his clan...

Jenna's Gang of Deadheads

World of Deadheads Series, Book 2
By Paul Atreides

Jenna’s Gang of Deadheads is the second book in the World of Deadheads series, written by Paul Atreides. After Jenna Wilson slips on the stairs, tumbling to her death, she is unable to believe her luck when she sees the deceased love of her life,...

The Violet Eyed

The Occuli, Book Two
By Christie M. Stenzel

The Violet Eyed is the second book in The Occuli series, written by Christie M. Stenzel. After having dreams about a stranger, Violet Kingsley comes face to face with the boy in her dreams at school, in the form of Drake. While their chance encounters...

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Sentinels of the Night

A Trackers Novel
By Anita Dickason

Sentinels of the Night: A Trackers Novel is a paranormal police procedural mystery novel written by Anita Dickason. Someone is drugging, torturing and brutally killing young women, and FBI Special Agent Cat Morgan is determined to stop the killer at any costs. It's become personal...

Waking The Dead

Soul Broker, 1
By D. B. Sieders

Waking the Dead by D.B. Sieders is the story of Vivian Bedford, starting with the strangest day of her life, a day when she miraculously survives a car crash, but only to witness the death of a man. Vivian's life isn't an easy one. Her...