Fiction - Paranormal

Lightning Strikes

An Andromeda Spencer Novel, Book 1
By Theresa Parker

Lightning Strikes (An Andromeda Spencer Novel, book 1) by Theresa Parker is a paranormal mystery story. Andromeda Spencer was struck by lightning when she was 15 and was in a coma for a month. Not long afterwards, she discovered that she had a few special...

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The Fish Tank

And Other Short Stories
By Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

An unexpected treasure handed over from an ex-spouse via the divorce lawyer; a classic mother-son bonding experience on a roller coaster ride; tragic tales of survival of ordinary Cuban citizens in the 1960s; a paranormal happening in the Museum of the Weird, the Sad, and...

A Life Before

By Julien Ayotte

A Life Before by Julien Ayotte is a wonderful paranormal story with strong elements of suspense. At thirteen, Samantha starts having nightmares about the murder of a woman she doesn't know and has never met before. She’s been to a sleep psychologist, who determined that...

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The Regulars

By Paris Singer

The afterlife is different for everyone, but for a man who doesn’t remember who he is (or rather, who he was) or what happened to him before he woke in that forest, it’s an endless chain of questions. All he can do is keep looking...

Grave Danger

By S.K. Gregory

Grave Danger by SK Gregory is an Aurelia Graves novel. Aurelia Graves has the worst luck: she has no friends, the worst luck with boyfriends, and she has powers that are getting out of control. When her best friend begs her to raise a ghost...

Penny White and The Marriage of Gryphons

Volume 3
By Chrys Cymri

Penny White and the Marriage of Gryphons by Chrys Cymri is the third book in the Penny White series. Penny White is back with her gryphon Associate Morey, her brother James, her boyfriend Peter, and the snail shark she's raising, Clyde. Penny struggles to balance...

The Underground

Second Edition
By Roxanne Bland

In The Underground by Roxanne Bland, the reader is introduced to an underworld with a mix of vampires, werewolves, elves, shapeshifters and witches. It is in this community that Kurt, the ruthless vampire, rules and no one dares to challenge him. Parker Berenson, a powerful...

The White Raven

By Carrie D. Miller

I enjoy books with bold plots and quirky perspectives and The White Raven by Carrie D. Miller offered more than that. In some strange way, the author had me thinking about Sita, the lead character in Christopher Pike’s Thirst. Aven is living her thirteenth life,...

The Visitors Of Orange

Some Things Should Never Be Opened
By Gerard Labrecque

The Visitors Of Orange is a paranormal action novel written by Gerard Labrecque. Senior Airman Nathan Barrows had a crucial decision to make -- one that would define his life for years to come. He had seen and photographed an alien spacecraft while on a...

Under Desert Sand

Zack Tolliver FBI, Book 5
By R Lawson Gamble

Under Desert Sand: Zack Tolliver FBI, Book 5 is a paranormal murder mystery novel written by R Lawson Gamble. Zack and his colleague, Dr. Susan Apgar, were getting ready to leave Las Vegas, where they had conducted a workshop at the Southwest Press and Lawmen’s...