Fiction - Paranormal

Parallel Dimensions

By Lisa Graziano

Parallel Dimensions by Lisa Graziano is a fiction urban fantasy novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy reading about the paranormal, reincarnation, and psychics, and who do not mind some sexual content. Joey Smith died,...

Silver Threads

By Bette Lee Crosby

“On the day Jennifer Green was born, a pile of stones was placed alongside her scale of life.” The Keeper of the Scales was glad to see into Jennifer’s future: married to Drew Bishop, mother of Brooke. The Bishops were destined to lead a happy,...

The Coven

The Crystal Coast Series Book 1
By Chrissy Lessey

In The Coven by Chrissy Lessey, newly divorced mother, Stevie Lewis, has dedicated her life to providing her Autistic son, Charlie, with the best possible care she can. Between caring for Charlie and the local shop that she part owns, Stevie doesn't have the time...


A Haunting on Long Island
By Michael Phillip Cash

Paul’s wife, Allison, has succumbed to cancer after a long hard fight. He is grieving still, but time waits for no one. During the final days of her illness, their three children stayed with an aunt and grandparents. Now they've returned home, forcing Paul to...

Forever More

A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity
By Michele DeLuca

Can one really love a dead man and feel him even more intimately than anyone living? In Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity by Michele DeLuca, a mystical experience of love takes place, a love beyond the tomb. Rebecca has loved...

The Adoption

A Psychological Thriller
By Gregory Meritt

Corruption, greed, black operations, shadowy organisations and the lust for unadulterated power is the setting for Gregory Meritt’s The Adoption. Claire and Logan just wanted a child to complete their lives but, unable to have one of their own, they turned to the adoption route...

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Life Bank

Selling life for money
By Magus Tor

Life Bank by Magus Tor is a novella following the life of Daniel Chia, and chronicling the consequences he faces after making a deal with an otherworldly being. After a fruitless interview, merely one in a string of them, Daniel is approached by a man...


By Russ Watts

Russ Watts’ Adrenal7n follows Bashar, a Syria immigrant to England, as he desperately searches for a job. No matter how qualified Bashar is, as soon as potential employers learn he is Syrian, they shut down. After another failed interview, Bashar stops in a café for...

I Can See You

Emma Willis Book 1
By Joss Landry

A young girl imbued with an unusual ability may be the only hope of catching a serious criminal in the thriller I Can See You (Emma Willis 1) by Joss Landry. A serial pedophile is raping and murdering little girls, and the only eyewitness to...

The House on Hayden Pond

By Jessica Monks

The House on Hayden Pond by Jessica Monks is a fast-moving horror/thriller. The Boltons have finally found their dream home, but when they move in, it all turns sour. Things start happening, evil nasty things, and there is no letup. Soon the Boltons begin to...