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Finding Time to Lead

Seven Practices to Unleash Outrageous Potential
By Leslie Peters

Finding Time to Lead: Seven Practices to Unleash Outrageous Potential by Leslie Peters is an uplifting and inspirational book that will encourage and motivate readers to be both a leader and be human at the same time. The book not only demystifies the crucial components...

The Wise Man Said

By Priya Kumar

In The Wise Man Said, author Priya Kumar is presented with a warning from her publisher to get back on track and reach her deadline… or else. But her creative well has run dry and she faces a future of uncertainty. Her professional life has...

The Dragons of Alsace Farm

By Laurie Lewis

Noah has hidden from his family and life for ten years and has doubts about returning to his uncle’s home when he receives a request to return as soon as possible. Agnes is the neighbor he visits daily to help with chores. She is fighting...

What Mountains Teach

By Michael Herrick

What Mountains Teach by Michael Herrick is an inspiring story of a man’s journey back to himself. It is a spellbinding story of a man facing a midlife crisis, unable to come to grips with the distance between his wife and himself, and not able...

The Red Ledger

Never Alone Series Book 4
By Doug Dorsey

"All that glitters is not gold." Would you make the ultimate sacrifice to live a wealthier lifestyle for a few years? The Red Ledger from the Never Alone Series is a Christian thriller by Doug Dorsey. Tyler Donovan, Director of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, leads...

Keep Right On

By Julie B Day

Keep Right On by Julie B Day is a wonderful story of friendship and true love, involving two families and two gentle souls, and a tragedy that left everyone in grief. Julie met Paul while on vacation in Walt Disney World in May of 1981....

Forever More

A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity
By Michele DeLuca

Can one really love a dead man and feel him even more intimately than anyone living? In Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity by Michele DeLuca, a mystical experience of love takes place, a love beyond the tomb. Rebecca has loved...

Libraries and Books and Words...Oh My!

By Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Libraries and Books and Words... Oh My! is an inspirational story about illiteracy (and how to overcome it), written and illustrated by Carey Rigby-Wilcox. Narrated from the viewpoint of Carey’s children, they talk of their mother’s extreme fear of going to the library. As a...

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Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky

By Andrew Daniels

The Great Depression, metaphors, Wall Street and love are some of the poems that you will read about and discover in Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky. Andrew Daniels has intertwined an inspiration of old and new, love and intimacy, and music and art...

Broken Butterfly

A Paradise Novel Book 2
By Cindy Patterson

Broken Butterfly by Cindy Patterson is the second book in the Christian romance Paradise Novel series. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy clean romance stories. Twenty-two-year-old Mallory Scott has lost all trust...

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