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Martin Hospitality

Martin Generations Volume 1
By Abigayle Claire

Martin Hospitality is book one in the Martin Generations series by Abigayle Claire, and is a great and inspiring read indeed. Meet eighteen-year-old Gemma Ebworthy, a lonely pregnant woman. She now sleeps in a barn, after being rendered homeless because of her condition, and she...

Day Moon

Tomorrow's Edge Book 1
By Brett Armstrong

I love science fiction and fantasy. I am a Christian. I am sure many people, my mother first among them, think that I am not Christian enough. That is a matter of what you think the exact definition of the word Christian means. I like...

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Pay for My Sin

The Revelation Diary
By Iryna Combs

Pay for My Sin: The Revelation Diary by Iryna Combs is an inspiring story with dystopian elements. There is chaos everywhere as the world hastens to its end. Mary has only one thing in mind: to save her family from eternal damnation. But an encounter...

For No Apparent Reason

By S.K. Derban

For No Apparent Reason by SK Derban is a murder mystery. Madison is focused on her life as a law student, with no time for frivolous things like romance. Every stage of her life has been planned to precision and she has made peace with...

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Kwan's Choice

Dare to Follow
By Skye Elizabeth Wieland

Kwan's Choice (Dare to Follow) by Skye Elizabeth Wieland is the story of one man’s pursuit of his dreams and what it takes to take the lead. When Kwan moved from South Africa, he had a dream: “to run a trail riding place, like he...


A Novel
By John L Owens

Anomaly is a Christian science fiction thriller written by John L. Owens. Joel loved his morning runs along Green Port Beach in Florida. He even braved category 4 hurricane winds to be out there, pounding the sand and watching as the waves crashed upon the...

Encountering Darkness

The Great Pursuit
By Paul Brandt

Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit is a Christian fantasy novel written by Paul Brandt. Mayor Pete Pethaford was proud of what he had accomplished for his town and its people. Since he had become the mayor, Winfield had built a new school and a hospital....

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Twisted Faith

By Victoria Schwimley

Pastor David Owens has struggled in his attempts to increase interest in the New Hope Christian Church. Between the challenges of a new ministry, the early days of his marriage, and the impending birth of his third child, David often succumbs to the pressures of...

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The Biblical Story of Deborah
By Betty Natelson

Battlesong by Betty Natelson tells the story of Deborah, a judge of Israel and a prophetess. This well written and scripturally accurate account is taken from the book of Judges. While dramatized, the story maintains the essence of the time and upholds the integrity of...

The World of Letters

A Tale of Jealousy
By C.C. Strachan

The World of Letters (A Tale of Jealousy) by C.C. Strachan is a Christian fiction novel. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of children, young adults, and parents who enjoy stories that teach life lessons. This book takes place...

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