Fiction - Mystery - General

India, David, and the Devil

By Michelee Morgan Cabot

India, David, And the Devil by Michelee Morgan Cabot is an exciting psychological thriller that has mystery, romance, and adventure woven into the plot. India was on the cusp of that dangerous age and her beauty went well with her ripe body, enhancing the intrigue...

Hot Dogs

A Lord Tyee Mystery
By Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee

Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee. Caryn was trouble. Lord Tyee knew instantly when she was coming, and he knew she could be relied upon to bring more trouble. His distrust of her...

The Fountain of Youth

A Wryte and Wong Adventure
By Jonathan Tindall

The Fountain of Youth (A Wryte and Wong Adventure) by Jonathan Tindall is an intriguing adventure novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience ranging from teenagers to adults who enjoy tales of mysterious thievery and lost legends. Patricia Wong was a successful career...

The Diamond Escape

By Sheila Bitts

The Diamond Escape by Sheila Bitts opens in 2012 at a diamond mine in South Africa, where Frederick Falloy was working as a reporter. Two years later, Frederick is working as a private detective on a case for stolen Cacaw Diamonds. The case takes a...

Trail of Defects

Cold Springs Mystery
By Sara Caudell

When Kelly O’Conner is robbed at gunpoint after his lounge has closed for the night, strange happenings in the small town of Cold Springs, Colorado have just begun. Sheriff Jim Hobson and his deputies are also called in to solve other puzzling events. There is...

Up To No Good

By Marsha Cornelius

Up To No Good by Marsha Cornelius is an engaging story that revolves around Rachel who is soon going to turn forty. Her husband, Brian, thinks she is inquisitive as she loves gossiping about her neighbors. Brian is a photographer and Rachel is a writer...

Death By Design

A Josiah Reynolds Mystery
By Abigail Keam

Death by Design by Abigail Keam is the ninth book in the Josiah Reynolds Mysteries series. As Josiah Reynolds continues to recover, she expects an easy trip in New York City, until she hears her name called out on the street. Enter Bunny Witt, who...

The Tell-Tale Treasure

By Diane Sawyer

The Tell-Tale Treasure is a thriller that will keep you involved from the exciting first page until the very spectacular conclusion. Ivy Chen is a kidnap victim that has only her erhu (a type of fiddle) musical instrument to give her peace. Rosie Renard is...

New Sins for Old Scores

By Tj O'Connor

New Sins For Old Scores by Tj O'Connor is a thrilling and suspenseful murder mystery that spans over six decades. Detective Richard Jax receives a call from his partner, Leo, requesting Jax to meet him at an abandoned inn. Leo never appears, and Jax is...

Bad Luck and Whiskey

By Molly J. Vandever

A serial killer is taking out the residents in a small Oklahoma town in the thrilling murder mystery Bad Luck and Whiskey by Molly Vandever. DC is the owner of a small newspaper in the little town of Indigo Falls. Her dream of being a...