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Wired Rogue

Paradise Crime #2
By Toby Neal

A covert operation in a religious compound becomes a nightmare for a former FBI agent in the thrilling suspense novel Wired Rogue (A Paradise Crime Novel) by Toby Neal. FBI Special Agent Sophie Ang has created a computer program named DAVID that is significant in...

Stalker, My Love

By Zack Scott

Stalker, My Love is a romantic tale of suspense and mystery, written by Zack Scott. As the well-known admirer and stalker of Rosalyn Ray, Rhett Calloway seems to be the likeliest of suspects when Rosalyn disappears, after she storms out of a bar where her...

How I'm Spending My Afterlife

By Spencer Fleury

Ever thought about checking out of your train wreck of a life and then watching the not-so-pleasant aftermath from the sidelines like a spectator sport? That’s exactly what happens in How I’m Spending My Afterlife, a well-written novel by Spencer Fleury. Alton Carver, an attorney in...

Death of a Scam Artist

By Mike Befeler

Reginald Bentley III has a problem - his boss has given him a limited amount of time to make the Sunny Crest Retirement Community financially solvent before he closes it to sell it to a developer. As a financial man, he believes he has the...

A Game of Deceit

By K. A. Davis

Two disappearances decades apart haunt a young woman in the exciting thriller, A Game of Deceit by K.A. Davis. Kathryn Landry comes home from work to discover that Neil, her husband of eleven years, has cleaned out his closet and most of his belongings. But...


A Novel
By N. V. Baker

Vanished by N.V. Baker is a moving love story that isn’t at all about the romance. Instead, we are transported to the Middle East and see through the eyes of someone who appreciates the nuances of the local culture. Vanished follows the separate lives of...

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Supreme Missions

The Wayward Package
By Steve Guilfoos

Supreme Missions: The Wayward Package by Steve Guilfoos is a sleuth mystery novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy spy, mystery, and murder stories. Jeff Jefferson, Sam Johnson, and Harry Jones met as children at Philmont...

A Hidden Puzzle

By Margie Vieira

A Hidden Puzzle by Margie Vieira is a suspenseful story of a young girl exploring herself, her gift of clairvoyance, and coming to grips with the unfortunate situations in her life. Mary Standford is eighteen, unsure of herself and unable to fully build up her...

Devil's Spring

Bittersweet Hollow Book 3
By Aaron Lazar

A fraudulent adoption is the turning point in the lives of four families in the thrilling suspense novel, Devil's Spring (Bittersweet Hollow Book 3), by Aaron Lazar. Due to tight family finances, Grace and her sister, Portia, have started working again. Portia's mother-in-law, Tessie, is...

Lady of the Wye

By Frances Powell

Lady of the Wye is a cozy murder mystery written by Frances Powell. Chief Inspector Cameron Fergus and his wife, Helen, were enjoying a summer’s afternoon picnic on the banks of the River Wye, when their tranquility was shattered by the startling vision before them....