Fiction - Realistic


By Steven Manchester

When estranged brothers Tom and Jason Prendergast are informed of the death of their father, a rare shared emotion of relief flits briefly across their individual minds. The man was evil. Always putting brother against brother, degrading each son at every opportunity. With the news...

The Nine Assignments

By Glenda Winders

The Nine Assignments by Glenda Winders is a literary fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults interested in exploring relationships through a fictional lens. As children, half siblings Gina Chambers and Larry Langley were two peas in...

Love Thy Neighbor

A Precarious Endeavor
By Linda Bello-Ruiz

Love Thy Neighbor: A Precarious Endeavor by Linda Bello-Ruiz is a story that demonstrates the power of love and compassion. Meet Rebecca, a woman who loves to keep to herself. She has just decided to escape the northern winters by moving into a small village...

Keep Right On

By Julie B Day

Keep Right On by Julie B Day is a wonderful story of friendship and true love, involving two families and two gentle souls, and a tragedy that left everyone in grief. Julie met Paul while on vacation in Walt Disney World in May of 1981....

Blue's Point

By Richard Ferguson

Blue's Point by Richard Ferguson is a story with a strong setting and a well-developed racial theme, a thriller that will have the reader’s eyes glued to the pages. Meet ex-convict, journalist Steve Cox, recently released to the custody of old Jim Blue, the man...

Midnight Sleeper

Yellow Dog Train
By Raeder Lomax

The story is set against the backdrop of the 1920s, with social upheavals becoming the order of the day and the KKK gathering a wide following, characterized by lynching and mob justice. It’s a time like no other, with Wall Street manipulating to determine who...

Silent Heroes

A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience
By Rick Greenberg

Silent Heroes: A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience by Rick Greenberg is historical fiction that will transport readers to the Vietnam era, allowing them to have a clear peek into the realities of war, a story with realistic and compelling characters. What does it feel...

Just Saying

Melanie's Story, Sorrento Book 3
By Jianna Higgins

I've got some catching up to do. I have just finished Just Saying by Jianna Higgins. This is Melanie’s Story and apparently it is just one novel in a series called The Sorrento Series. I love the names. Just Kidding, Just Wondering, Just Going, and...


By Rich Chambers

The year William Bur celebrates his eighteenth birthday, he is full of realizations concerning his life, mainly that his future is one enormous pit of uncertainty. While the rest of his friends, affectionately known as the Group of Seven, seem to have their futures well-organized...

Terrible Love

By Lyra Bayer

Terrible Love by Lyra Bayer is a story that is dark, sensual, and tragic, a story of an unusual love, featuring characters that readers will easily connect to. This is not a story for the fainthearted and it would be fair warning to say that...