Fiction - Drama

Cue Bull

By Dan Absalonson

Cue Bull by Dan Absalonson is a poignant short story about how a man's life changes and how he moves on after the loss of his father. George and his brothers have just finished cleaning out their parents' house, preparing it for an estate sale....

Cradle of the Serpent

A Man and a Woman's Imperfect Love
By Linda Lee Greene

Cradle of the Serpent (A Man and a Woman's Imperfect Love) by Linda Lee Greene is a fictional drama with a theme of dream/time travel and archaeology. This is a book that would appeal most to an audience of young adults and adults who enjoy...

Ave, Caesarion

The Rise of Caesarion's Rome Book 1
By Deborah Davitt

I really enjoy good tales of ancient Rome. I’m not entirely sure why. But part of it is the easy comparisons to America. Another factor is the emphasis on warfare. The other elements I find myself enjoying are the politics and focus on family. Ave,...

The Picket

By Virgil C Moon III

When we read and study the battles of the American Civil War, we learn about the great deeds of military men, who won and who lost. We learn, too, about the heroes, the great leaders, and those who gave their lives honorably. And what about...

The Speaker

By Andi O'Connor

I was mentally transported into strange and exciting places, encountering powerful and deadly characters in The Speaker, the second book in The Vaelinel Trilogy by Andi O'Connor. One reads nonstop, and once the last page is turned, it feels like waking up from a nightmare...

Drift and Hum

The Great Canadian-American Novel
By Robert O. Martichenko

Drift and Hum: The Great Canadian-American Novel by Robert Martichenko surprised me in many ways. This is a story that beautifully showcases the themes of love, friendship, family, and the search for meaning, a story that spans fifty years. Readers are introduced to the incredible...


Southern Fiction Volume 1
By Rick DeStefanis

Tallahatchie by Rick DeStefanis is the first book in a Southern fiction series. “Jack knew he was a fool” is the way the protagonist is described in the opening lines of the story and his uncle had warned him that he was doing something foolish....

Kookaburra's Last Laugh

By Leonard Szymczak

In Kookaburra's Last Laugh by Leonard Szymczak, a man named Peter Pinowski, a psychologist, attends a retreat, hoping to experience transformation and make the journey home to himself, but he is instead led on a moving adventure that will bring him face to face with...

Swearing Allegiance

The Carmody Saga Book 1
By Jana Petken

In Swearing Allegiance, the first entry in The Carmody Saga by Jana Petken, the Carmody family is forced to face the devastating consequences of the First World War. Dublin has fallen apart and the British can’t keep the Germans at bay. Once an affluent family,...

A Party at Longbourn

By Margaret Lynette Sharp

With two unmarried daughters still living at home, the Bennet family are intrigued, and not a little concerned, to hear that their recently widowed cousin, Mr. Collins, is coming to visit the family at Longbourn. Mr. Collins, it would appear, hopes that one of the...