Fiction - Drama

When Leaves Fall

A Different Point of View Story
By C. A. King

When Leaves Fall by C.A. King is a gripping story. Ralph, whose identity we have yet to learn, wakes up in a dilapidated shed. He is tied up by his neck and held captive there. He doesn't know where he is or why he is...

Dying to Give

A Novel
By Gary B. Shelly

A tragic school bus accident sets the wheels in motion. The plot of Dying to Give by Gary B. Shelly revolves around Sarah, the mother of Amy, who was involved in the accident, and a newly born daughter - born on the day of the...

A Matter of Issue

By Carollyne Haynes

A Matter of Issue by Carollyne Haynes takes a closer look at family relationships, elder abuse, and the problems that can occur when children allow greed and avarice to cloud their judgment of their family, once money becomes involved. It asks important questions such as...

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The Glorious Beyond

By Sandy Denise Adams

The Glorious Beyond is a psychological murder mystery written by Sandy Denise Adams. In just three more days, Kevin and Kim would have been celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. They were poised on the brink of a new adventure as well. They were moving to...

When Will Papa Get Home?

A Story of Hope
By Larada Horner-Miller

A childhood home is a place that remains deep in our memories for our entire life time. There are other things, little things, that spark a memory, like a blue marble lying in the dirt where it was once thrown away in anger, and later...

Coming Home

Windsor Falls Volume 1
By Kimberley O'Malley

Coming Home tells the story of ER doctor Elizabeth Fitzgerald and her journey back to the woman she used to be when called home to Windsor Falls. After back to back tragedies sent her running across the country a decade ago, her mother’s health scare...

The Intersect

When Life Veers off Course, Strangers Find Comfort and Lasting Connection
By Brad Graber

The Intersect: When Life Veers off Course, Strangers Find Comfort and Lasting Connection by Brad Graber is a compelling and fascinating story with a powerful political and social setting, a story that explores the links between humans in a fast-paced consumerist culture. Set against the...

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The Northeast Quarter

By S. M. Harris

The Northeast Quarter by S.M. Harris is a historical event novel laced with drama and built around a powerful political and historical setting. The story starts in 1918 with little Ann Hardy, ten-year-old daughter to Colonel Carson who runs an agricultural empire. She is watching...

The Knights of the Saltire

Book One of the Knights of the Saltire Series
By William Speir

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you enjoy the spate of Marvel and DC superhero movies that have been popular the last few years, then you are going to enjoy The Knights of the Saltire, book one of...

Mafia Revenge

The Black Hand
By John duVal

Mafia Revenge: The Black Hand by John duVal is an exhilarating ride that combines murder, blackmail, and family drama to offer great entertainment to readers, a story that features very compelling characters and a gripping plot. When the mutilated body of a federal agent is...