Fiction - Drama

Anya Unbound

By Dan Carruthers

At last, here is a compelling story about sex trafficking with a gripping plot and characters that are as real as they are original. Meet Anya, a seventeen-year-old girl raised in a Polish orphanage. Now out of the orphanage, she is just beginning her life...

The Mermaid's Carol

A Last Chance for Love
By Abigail Keam

A breath of fresh air is the description that befits The Mermaid's Carol: A Last Chance for Love in more ways than one. Abigail Keam has written a fantastic tale of love, adultery, family struggles, and the legend of a magical mermaid - yes, a...

They All Fall Down

By J.A. Blake and Nick Moccia

In They All Fall Down by J.A. Blake and Nick Moccia, the reader follows the life of London Drake, a boy who suffers at the early age of eleven when his family becomes associated with murder and suicide. The reader learns about his dream of...

Kindred Journeys

By Marjorie Tapley-Olson

Kindred Journeys by Marjorie Tapley-Olson is a rare kind of fiction with a narrative voice that will stay in the reader’s head for long, a story that combines family, love, and adventure to take readers on a very memorable ride. Martha is pregnant, and she...


By Corey Jay Johnson

Courageous by Corey Jay Johnson is entered as urban fiction, a category that fits the book neatly, a story that is, according to the author, loosely based on the life of Avon “Flubber”Johnson Sr. Raised by a single mom, young Flubber grows up in the...

Lucifer's Star

By C. T. Phipps, Michael Suttkus

Lucifer's Star by C.T. Phipps and Michael Suttkus is a compelling sci-fi with interesting characters. This story centers on Cassius Mass, the best star pilot of the Crius Archduchy, a highly skilled and accomplished fighter. But he is a man who wakes up to find...


By John J. Nance

Lockout is a high-tech thriller written by John J. Nance. The author is a veteran airline captain, a retired U.S. Air Force pilot and an aviation analyst. NSA analyst Jenny Reynolds was troubled by the satellite burst that seemed to make no sense, but was...

Amethyst of Youth

(Forbidden Conflicts #1)
By Ann M Pratley

Amethyst of Youth by Ann M Pratley combines elements of suspense and romance to create a family story that will entertain readers enormously. Charlotte Stonewarden lost her mom when she was just nine years now. Now she is eighteen and is being introduced to a...

Buckland Gap

By Charles Stanley Wiltshire

Buckland Gap is the debut novel from Charles Stanley Wiltshire and is as gritty and hard-nosed a portrayal of a city’s filthy underbelly as you are ever likely to read. Buckland Gap tells the story of David, a twenty-something thug that lives for nothing more...

Of Wisdom and Valor

The Art of War. The Path of Peace.
By Aleksandra Layland

Of Wisdom and Valor by Aleksandra Layland is the second part in the Windflower Saga, an epic fantasy that will allow readers to explore the exciting landscapes of the Wastelands of Kimbria with interesting characters. Aleksandra Layland has a knack for creating powerful plots around...