Fiction - Drama

Everything Solid has a Shadow

By Michael Antman

What a delight to find that the title of this book - Everything Solid has a Shadow - was as intriguing as the writing. Beautifully written, this is the story of a marketing executive and part-time musician, Charlie Alessandro. He is a troubled soul, living...

Awaken, Shadows of a Forgotten Past

By Marcia Maidana

Awaken, Shadows of a Forgotten Past by Marcia Maidana is a beautiful blend of mystery and romance, with enticing elements of the supernatural, a book that will appeal to fans of time travel and romance. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, the reader...


A Novel
By Marie Minnich

A wonderful story that expertly handles the themes of family, love, art, and addiction, Fireflies: A Novel by Marie Minnich is lyrical and utterly entertaining. Readers will adore the way the author explores the climates of a troubled, addictive soul. Casey Cavanaugh is exceptionally intelligent,...

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Forever, Alabama

By Susan Sands

In Forever, Alabama, Susan Sands engages her readers with a new and exciting relationship between a successful lawyer and the local therapist. Every woman in Ministry has a thing for Ben Laroux, except for Sabine O’ Connor, the town shrink/secrets keeper. Even if they haven’t...

True Grandeur

A Hollywood Novel
By Cal R. Barnes

True Grandeur: A Hollywood Novel by Cal R. Barnes is a well-crafted tale of romance, a story of one man’s search for love, for purpose, and ultimately for himself. When Conrad Arlington moves to Los Angeles, it is with the intention of pursuing his...

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The Master and the Maid

Heaven's Pond Trilogy Book 1
By Laura Libricz

The Master and the Maid: Heaven’s Pond Trilogy Book 1 is a long, leisurely read, and is the interesting story of Katarina, a young girl living in Germany in the 1600s. Katarina is a barmaid doing most of the work while her lazy and irresponsible...

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Lottie Loser

A Contemporary Romance Novel
By Dana L. Brown

Dana Brown’s Lottie Loser focuses on Charlotte "Lottie" Luce who is a fierce, beautiful woman with a successful career in the bag and a handsome lawyer boyfriend on her arm. Everything seems to be perfect in her life, but her perspective changes when her ex-best...

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On the Bricks

By Penni Jones

On the Bricks, set in the small town of West Plains, Arkansas, is the debut novel from Penni Jones. And from the opening chapters, the hopelessness of a drug-fuelled, dead-end existence for the main characters seeps uncomfortably, yet convincingly from the pages. Ms. Jones’...

Land of Seekers

By Triveen Nair

Land of Seekers written by Triveen Nair is a historical fiction novel based in India in the year 1766 which, as the author states, was one of the most important but widely unnoticed years in the history of India. There are many different takes on...

Dinosaur Lake III

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Dinosaur Lake III: Infestation by Kathryn Meyer Griffith is Book 3 of the Dinosaur Lake series. Chief park ranger Henry Shore has seen enough dinosaurs over the last six years to last him a lifetime. He and his rangers have fought them off and now...