Fiction - Dystopia

Facing the Storm

The Storm Series Book 2
By Jennifer Brooks

Facing the Storm by Jennifer Brooks is the second book in The Storm Series. It has been 78 days since the Blackout. Ration cards have been implemented, the New White House is now located in Portland. Gangs have taken over many areas; many people are...

Silent Hood

By Michael Eaborn

Silent Hood is a political dystopian novella written by Michael Eaborn. Violence has fast spun out of control, with Donald J. Trump as newly elected President of the United States. Laws and the Constitution are quickly turned on their heads, with the new reality of...

End of Knighthood Part I

The Chess Pieces, Reverence Book 2
By Joshua Landeros

Joshua A. Landeros continues his dystopian tale in End of Knighthood, Part 1: The Chess Pieces. The resistance is making a stand and begins to undermine the tactics of the UNR. Yet Chancellor Venloran has placed around him a rare and indefensible league of Knights....

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Book Three of the Resistance Series
By Tracy Lawson

Careen is in the hand of the OCSD, who now want to use her image to their own advantage - and they will use all means necessary to slowly and painfully break her into cooperating with them. At the same time, the OCSD is preparing...

The Breaking

By Daniel Greene

In The Breaking, Daniel Greene combines a strong conflict with powerful characters and great writing to create another spellbinding entry in the End Time Saga, a story that features zombies, the military, the resilient West Virginians, and fascinating characters. A zombie virus is threatening to...

De Anima

The Calibration
By Roi Anthoni

Inspired by Aristotle's De Anima, Roi Anthoni's De Anima: The Calibration attempts to leave us with a sense of what the true meaning of life might be while the funny irony of this novel is that it is a cybernetic entity named Iji that the...

The Scent of Lilac

An Arrow's Flight Novella
By Casey Hays

In a land where women rule, life is not always perfect. When Mia’s dearest friend, Kate, bucks the system and runs away with her mate, rebellion is the topic of conversation and concern among the breeders. While Mia is saddened by the mysterious departure of...

The Lesser Evil

By Daniel Settanni

Daniel Settanni writes a transcendental thriller in The Lesser Evil. It’s about to become a whole new world! Joss Bishop is about to live out the unimaginable. The world has become plagued by drought. Walls have been erected to keep the refugees out. However, there...

Election 2064

Book One
By Scott McDermott

Election 2064 by Scott McDermott is a fascinating look into the future of American politics. This book follows several characters as they navigate a political landscape that, though rather grim, isn’t vastly different from today’s. It certainly is a lot more treacherous, however. From...

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The FATOFF Conspiracy

By Olga Werby

Cindy Rella, the main character of The FATOFF Conspiracy by Olga Werby, struggles with obesity like almost all people in the world. Rich people can eat all they want and their extra fat is stored in fat storage tanks that are in a different dimension....

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