Non-Fiction - Art/Photography

An Artist's Guide To Becoming More Creative

How To Build, Honor and Support A Creative Life
By Pam Fingado

An Artist's Guide To Becoming More Creative: How To Build, Honor and Support A Creative Life is a nonfiction self-help book written by Pam Fingado. Fingado is an artist and creativity coach who has been exhibiting her own as well as other artists’ work for...

Fashion Fads & Fantasies

Three Decades of Outrageous Dressing
By Lorraine Geiger

Fashion Fads and Fantasies: Three Decades of Outrageous Dressing by Lorraine Geiger is a collection of original fashion sketches from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Instead of drawing sketches from her imagination, what makes Geiger's collection truly unique is that it is an artistic snapshot...


The Four Seasons of Nature
By Hemmo Vattulainen

Beauty abounds in Finland. Every season of the year, everywhere one turns, there is a picture just waiting to be taken. Statuesque trees lining a pristine, clear lake; an isolated cabin in the woods; awesome tree art in abandoned felled tree roots. From the warm...


The will to live . . . the courage to love
By Jody Sims

Sanctuary is a motivational, nonfiction picture book by Jody Sims. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer, and then her spouse suffering from a traumatic brain injury, the two made the decision to move to Tennessee. Feeling out of place and sad, Jody fell into a...

Fabulous Flowers: Water Lilies #1

Copyright Free Images for Mixed Media and Collage Art (Do Your Art Your Way)
By Denise Bossarte

Do you love flowers? How about water lilies? Fabulous Flowers: Water Lilies #1 by Denise Bossarte was created as the answer for those people that need to use royalty free stock images of water lilies. As you look through the pages of this book, you...

The Photographer's Eye

Seeing With a Camera
By Arthur Wenk

What we see reflects our outlook. In The Photographer's Eye: Seeing With a Camera by Arthur Wenk you will learn the artistic value of photography. Whether you are a novice or an advanced photographer, Arthur provides some simple artistic nuggets that you can use immediately...

I Am Kitty the Kitten

Photo Book
By Hemmo Vattulainen

I Am Kitty the Kitten is a picture book for animal lovers, written by Hemmo Vattulainen. Narrated by Kitty herself, Kitty the Kitten showcases the important moments in this Calico kitten’s early life. After travelling to her new home, Kitty finds a delicious meal waiting...

BALI - Zen Traveller

A Quick Travel Guide
By Gundi Gabrielle

Bali is a beautiful island. A province of Indonesia, it is filled with historic temples and picturesque views every which way one looks. Unfortunately, there are certain areas of the province that are overrun with tourists and many other, equally unique sites worthy of a...

39 Drawings by Jason Innocent

By Jason Innocent

Jason Innocent’s 39 Drawings by Jason Innocent is a nonfiction collection of early art, musings and drawings created by the artist during his teenage years. Born of Haitian parents, Innocent and his siblings were raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. His artistic vision was...


Illustrated Journeys with an Artist
By Pamela Jane Rogers

Greekscapes: Illustrated Journeys With an Artist is a nonfiction travel memoir written by Pamela Jane Rogers. Pamela was always an artist. Her mother enjoyed telling the story about how her infant daughter had created her first work of art drawing with her mother’s lipstick...