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BALI - Zen Traveller

A Quick Travel Guide
By Gundi Gabrielle

Bali is a beautiful island. A province of Indonesia, it is filled with historic temples and picturesque views every which way one looks. Unfortunately, there are certain areas of the province that are overrun with tourists and many other, equally unique sites worthy of a...

39 Drawings by Jason Innocent

By Jason Innocent

Jason Innocent’s 39 Drawings by Jason Innocent is a nonfiction collection of early art, musings and drawings created by the artist during his teenage years. Born of Haitian parents, Innocent and his siblings were raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. His artistic vision was...


Illustrated Journeys with an Artist
By Pamela Jane Rogers

Greekscapes: Illustrated Journeys With an Artist is a nonfiction travel memoir written by Pamela Jane Rogers. Pamela was always an artist. Her mother enjoyed telling the story about how her infant daughter had created her first work of art drawing with her mother’s lipstick...


The Book
By Matthew Burgett

DRAG: The Book by Matthew Burgett is filled with photographs of drag queens from a variety of places, though more from Ohio than anywhere else. It includes some autobiographical information with a few professionally shot photos for each of the performers. These autobiographies range from...

Houses of New Orleans

By Alex Caemmerer

The scenes and overall character of New Orleans have inspired people from around the world for generations. The buildings, particularly the houses, hold a special appeal. When devastation hit the city with the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, many people around the world...

Glorious Gardens #1

Copyright Free Images for Mixed Media and Collage Art (Do Your Art Your Way)
By Denise Bossarte

Are you an artist who revels in creating collage images using found objects, including pictures from magazines and greeting cards? Or how about images off the internet? There are plenty of images to browse on the internet, but what images can you safely use without...

Fabulous Flora: Cactus #1

Copyright Free Images for Mixed Media and Collage Art
By Denise Bossarte

Ever heard of a collage? No, not the place you earn a degree. A group of photos pasted together on a page or board … a glorified form of scrapbooking. Well, when you use all your own photos, things are easy. But there can be...

A Piece of Soul

By Nataliya Dolotko

A Piece of Soul is a beautiful anti stress coloring book for adults, illustrated by Nataliya Dolotko. With coloring pages that range from houses to plants to animals both real and fantastical, A Piece of Soul has a little bit of something for everyone. The...

Wild Ideas

Creativity From the Inside Out
By Cathy Wild

Wild Ideas: Creativity From the Inside Out by Cathy Wild is a self-help book for artists and non-artists alike. If you enjoy creativity or if you are a creative person striving to break through, this book will help you with that. From concept to creation,...

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Mud Between Your Toes

A Rhodesian Farm
By Peter Wood

From its eye-catching cover to the multitude of photos to the fascinating content, Mud Between Your Toes by Peter Wood is worth the time it takes to read. What a marvellous writer! In his memoir, Mud Between Your Toes, Peter Wood gives us a wonderful...