Awakening Your Soul's Truth

A Powerful Guide for Transformation, Healing, and Consciousness Growth

Non-Fiction - New Age
260 Pages
Reviewed on 07/18/2021
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Author Biography

Anya Goode, M.Sc. is a highly renowned energy healer and spiritual teacher with over 20 years of experience in the intuitive healing arts.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

Most recently, I have immersed myself in self-help and personal development books and each of them brings a lot of wisdom, but Awakening Your Soul's Truth: A Powerful Guide for Transformation, Healing, and Consciousness Growth by Anya Goode took me by surprise and I must say that I haven’t read anything quite like it. In this book, the author inspires readers to set out on their personal, spiritual odysseys where they can understand the self even more deeply and awaken their spiritual energies. Bringing her personal experience and vast spiritual knowledge into the writing, the author articulates on a variety of important topics, capturing spiritual concepts in language that is accessible and delivering practical steps to awaken consciousness, unlocking secrets to spiritual and personal growth, and finding the tools to heal and transform from within.

Fans of New Age spirituality will adore this book and will find delight in the practices that are introduced by the author. The book stands out in its originality, and while informed readers will hear echoes of some of the powerful voices in the field, Anya Goode doesn’t fail to point out that spiritual awakening is not an explosive experience through which we grasp some of the powers of the cosmos, but a realization that we are what we didn’t think we were. It is about stripping away the old vestments of the soul to unveil what is most essential. In this book, spiritual awakening is defined as the revealing of the self; it is about “unwrapping and shedding the layers of life surrounding us and finding the shining light of the soul deep within..." and the author provides the tools required for this process. Awakening Your Soul's Truth is a book for those who want to embrace a life of authenticity, purpose, and meaning. It is packed with wisdom and insight and a path that opens the soul and mind to truths about who we really are. It is one of those books that one reads and passes on to others.

A Webb

I loved this book. Enjoyed author’s stories of her success with clients as relatable. Like self reflection opportunity.

BookLife (Editor's Pick)

Reiki Master Teacher Goode offers an unusually clear, inviting, and practical guide to achieving a deeper understanding of the self through spiritual practice and techniques. Goode calls for the shedding of the “cloaks” that most people bear and have allowed to define us, and she avoids making grand promises for what her book can accomplish. For her, a “spiritual awakening” does not involve the universe unveiling its secret truths; instead, it’s simply “something lost and something revealed … a revealing of the self, no more and no less.” To that end, the lessons, exercises, and techniques laid out in Awakening Your Soul's Truth have been crafted to reveal and heal the self—and to lead it toward a more fulfilling way of living.

Drawing on her experience as a teacher, healer, and spiritual mentor, as well as occasional excursions into autobiography, Goode plays the role of upbeat coach, frankly acknowledging the challenges of achieving a spiritual awakening in a world where millions sleep beside their cell phones while also offering tools to “fast-track” that shedding of cloaks and individual readers’ journeys down their own “healing and awakening path's". She urges readers to examine the “taught beliefs” they may have learned, arguing that “Many of the people that carry [hateful beliefs] have never been exposed to anything outside of their cultural bubble.” She makes clear, though, that she wants readers to discover their own authentic beliefs rather than to become inculcated with hers.

That refusal to preach sets Goode’s book apart from the pack, as does the warmth and clarity of her guidance. Whether breaking down the “anatomy” of emotion (“Guilt is a control mechanism”) or the “dark night” of a difficult spiritual awakening, Goode emphasizes forgiveness, gratitude, boundary setting, and above all else that revealing and healing the self is a challenging, ongoing process. Rather than tell readers what to think and believe, Goode strives to unveil what’s already in us.