Like The Ocean Moves

Like The Ocean Moves

Book One of the Torchbearer Series

Christian - Fiction
229 Pages
Reviewed on 07/14/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Like The Ocean Moves is Book One of the Torchbearer Series by Liz Mitchell, an inspiring story that explores the power of faith and the themes of physical and spiritual freedom and human trafficking, a story with strong spiritual undertones but with a realism that makes the reader’s skin crawl. A six-year-old girl is abducted and is on the market for sale to the highest bidder. While the police and experts are doing all they can to locate the young girl, Amy and her son, Jonas, make an extraordinary odyssey of faith, a journey which allows them to contemplate heaven and its beauty, but they return with a mission to rescue the abducted child. Read on to discover what happens when great detective work mixes with the power of faith and prayer.

This is a story that reads like an allegory, a story that is constructed to entertain, edify, and awaken the reader’s consciousness to the realities of faith and hopelessness, of darkness and light, of heaven and hell. The world is presented as a battleground and readers will be introduced to a new form of warriors, called the Torchbearers. In fact, it’s a name used to describe a specific type of being. Liz Mitchell’s characters are lovely and readers will want to follow them. The plot is deceptively slow at the beginning, but it gets faster as the reader is introduced to the conflict. The author combines great prose with an exceptional skill for dialogue to create wonderful entertainment for readers. Like The Ocean Moves is a moving story that will inspire readers and will find its home in men and women of faith and those who still believe that angels are real.

Rosemary Moerles

I was given the book as a gift and I was immediately drawn into the story. It is inspiring and inspired ... a truly creative story that is at times difficult, but so worth the read. Very uplifting. I am eager to follow this author and her series.