She Was Born a Good Girl

She Was Born a Good Girl

An All-Girls Boarding School Story

Fiction - Chick Lit
107 Pages
Reviewed on 10/14/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

She Was Born a Good Girl: An All-Girls Boarding School Story by Garfield Whyte is a novel that explores the psychology of young girls seeking to find themselves in an all-girls’ boarding school, a story with interesting characters and a world that readers will find exciting to navigate. The reader is introduced to a compelling cast of characters: Zoe, the girl born to fifteen-year-old Thalia and who grows up to be an ideal child at ten, but who suddenly turns bad in the final year in high school; Myra, Zoe’s childhood friend who follows her to the prestigious school, but who can’t escape her not-so-good influence; Anona is quite a case and she is keen on getting a rich man; Jody has had her share of abuse at home, and the school is her turf.

With the vibrant students and their complex characters, the reader is in for an interesting show, following the girls as they struggle to create their space in an environment that is designed to set limits on everything they dream of. I enjoyed the way the author explores each character, giving each of them a unique world. The story is emotionally powerful and the author does a wonderful job in presenting issues that teenagers experience, especially the challenges of studying at a prestigious, same-sex school. The conflict is well developed and its moral and psychological implications are strong enough to arrest the interest of the reader. Garfield Whyte brings a touch of psychology into his novel and that makes it an interesting read, coupled with the originality in the plot. She Was Born a Good Girl: An All-Girls Boarding School Story is well paced, engaging, and entertaining. The witticism won’t go unnoticed!