The Secret to Political Happiness

Non-Fiction - Historical
126 Pages
Reviewed on 11/25/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

Politics isn’t an easy subject to discuss with anyone because it seems as if everyone is so set in their ways that they refuse to even listen to someone with different views than their own. But in The Secret to Political Happiness by AM Ramsey, you’ll get a chance to look at politics a little differently; not from the right or the left but from somewhere in the middle, somewhere that takes aspects of both sides and aspects from neither side. That’s because no one is right in politics, unless you’re willing to forge your own trail.

In The Secret to Political Happiness by AM Ramsey, you get a look at what is really happening in the world from the point of view of someone who not only lives in it, but studies it carefully. Ramsey has studied not only the present, but also the past, as far back as we know, and has learned a lot about what it takes for the world to operate, and what it takes for people and a society to be successful and happy.

In this book, you get to look at a number of aspects of our history and our present, and how they influence society as a whole and the people in that society. It’s all about learning to create a type of utopia that everyone claims couldn’t possibly exist, but in the right political environment it definitely could. There is a lot out there that we allow to happen simply because we assume it’s the only thing that we can do, but that’s not the case, and Ramsey has started to crack open that idea.