An Obliquity

An Obliquity

The Perihelion Book 2

Fiction - Science Fiction
539 Pages
Reviewed on 07/18/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers' Favorite

Populated by the most intriguing set of characters to come down the science fiction pike in much too long a time, An Obliquity by D.M. Wozniak – Volume 2 of The Perihelion Series – satisfies that most demanding of sci fi readers’ desires: the need for an intelligent, superbly written, creatively unique and complex, supremely imaginative story. Set in the futuristic city of Bluecore 1C – a self-aware, evolutionary endpoint of what once was urban Chicago - An Obliquity begins with a short meditative discourse spoken by the city itself from its heightened perspective and understanding provided by its own holistic wholeness. Alternating versions of the most important events ever to occur within the city’s limits, however, are provided by the characters themselves, some of whom are hybrids created by dispassionate scientists, less concerned with definitions of humanity than they are with producing exceptionally skilled but semi-human individuals.

In a highly gratifying, revelatory juxtaposition of the facts, D.M. Wozniak’s marvelous tale of intrigue, longing, danger and adventure demonstrates the more-than-human capacities and qualities of creatures bred with animal DNA. In creatures named for their peculiar but specific donors, the astonished reader discovers deep compassion and self-identification with Aspen the Wasp and Leo the Leopard, as well as with their non-hybrid allies like Gavivi the Hummingbird (with his spy-drone recorder), Henry the photographer (with his ancient Leica camera), Vanessa (with a child percolating in an artificial womb), and Kwesi (a priest searching for his misplaced faith.) Together, and reacting to the devastation produced by Aspen’s rashly invoked destructive act, this fascinating cadre of souls seeks to escape from Bluecore 1C into the outlying Redlands – pursuing that most humanlike ambition: the realization and acquisition of personal freedom. Their trials and tribulations keep the reader glued avidly and happily to his seat.

D.M. Wozniak

Joel, thank you so much for the wonderful review!