ARF & Soul

Fiction - Anthology
132 Pages
Reviewed on 04/15/2018
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Author Biography

Leon Robertson is a self-taught artist, author, nature-lover, and of course, dog-lover. All of his dog illustrations are created using a very unique pen and ink method. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas, when not travelling the world with his furry companions.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

“I have discovered that when you look into a dog’s eyes there is a power that draws you in,” says Leon Robertson in the introductory chapter to ARF & Soul and the book shares more of what one gets when one explores the mind of a dog. This is a book that features a collection of stories, poems, thoughts, and gorgeous illustrations that reflect the world of dogs, a book that “dog people” will adore. The characters in the book are dog people all living in a place called Lovefield and, through their voices, readers learn more about what goes on in the minds and hearts of our canine friends. This book creates a fascinating world where readers can interact with the characters, follow them in their different experiences, and explore their exciting thoughts. The book is beautifully illustrated and it would be hard to check out the illustrations without many smiles.

This book is a great work of art and it’s the work of someone passionate about dogs. Readers also get insights into how this book came to be, an interesting story of someone following their passion. There are many thought-provoking passages in the book and some that, exploring human traits, are revealing of the nature of dogs and the pain and frustration they experience faced with human lack of understanding. But the book also has many lines for readers to reflect on. For instance, in “Love the Skin You’re In,” the author says: “On days that you want to be someone else… Know that there is somebody that wants to be you.”

Aren’t there moments in your life when you think like Iris; the urge to do something stupid, something bold, something that is out of the ordinary? Such are the thoughts you’ll find in this book. You’ll discover a new perspective to understanding love, bravery and heroism, friendship and living together. ARF & Soul is a book that will entertain readers and remind them of the beauty in our companions, the dogs. It is interesting to notice how the author injects humanity into characters that are not human, how the images capture emotions that are peculiar to men and women, and how thoughts are expressed with such rare lucidity. A great read, indeed!