The Globur Incursion Book 2

Fiction - Science Fiction
443 Pages
Reviewed on 07/08/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Maureen Dangarembizi for Readers' Favorite

Contact by D. Rebbitt is book two in The Globur Incursion series. Hours from departing Gateway fleet outpost for his leave, Captain Blout is called in to lead a special fleet mission. The scientists on Planet X5682 have made a discovery that could change history. Captain Blout is not happy when he finds Dr. Stamps leading the scientists on X5682. In the past, Dr. Stamps disillusioned the cynical captain. This time, though, Dr. Stamps might just be on to something. Planet X5682 has a secret under its red tinted sun that may just prove to be the undoing of the human race. No amount of training could possibly have prepared Dr. Stamps or the captain for a Level Four alien contact.

Contact is a plot-driven story that transported me into outer space. The story starts off a bit slowly, introducing the characters on the stage, but don’t let that deter you. Once the fleet spaceships arrive at their destination, the action never stops. Once this story gains momentum it’s hard to put down. I am a fan! What really blew me away was the unpredictable way events unfolded. This isn’t another story about dull interstellar travel. D. Rebbitt knows how to push the right emotional buttons. I ended up feeling sorry for a character I’d felt disdain for, cried when some of the characters I was cheering for died, and cheered when they succeeded against insurmountable odds. Any sci-fi fan will definitely dig this. As for me, I will be impatiently watching out for the next book.