Crushed Velvet

Romance - Sizzle
268 Pages
Reviewed on 09/16/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is a captivating, dark and thrilling erotic novel that pushes the boundaries of romance. Scorching hot, sizzling, intense and darkly seductive, this novel exposes romance, emotions and a more realistic side of the world. The novel follows a gorgeous college dropout named Theresa, who, at an all time low, signs a contract with the Velvet Undervault. Getting naked with strangers gets the bills paid, but this is not the life she had envisioned for herself. She regrets the decision, but she is bound too tightly to walk out of the life she has created for herself.

She meets with Andrew; he is her bodyguard so that no one uses her for more than what she is being paid for. The relationship between the two intensifies when Andrew starts seeing Theresa as more than just a prostitute who sells her body. He genuinely cares for her and wants to help her, even if it means that he will be destroyed in the process. Theresa does not need to rely on any man, but soon she realizes that some good can come out of her life as well.

So real and deep, the main characters are so lost. They are flawed and that’s what makes them so beautiful to the reader. You can easily connect with Theresa, who is insecure and unsure of herself, while Andrew is a strong man, yet he too has his moments when he is not as poised as he makes out to be. What I loved about this novel is that it is not just a wishy-washy romance. It has character, drama, psychological elements and is somewhat sweet at times. You will be lost in the plot and you won’t be able to stop reading. So intense and breathtakingly good.

Samantha Dewitt (Rivera)

A low moment in Theresa’s life caused her to sign a contract that she now regrets every day, but it’s a way to survive and that’s all she’s been doing ever since, until the day her new bodyguard walks into her life. Drew has some demons of his own, but he’s determined to protect Theresa with everything he has, even if it does cost him his sanity every night see her beautiful body used the way it is. But Drew isn’t counting on feelings developing and Theresa definitely isn’t counting on anything from a man, but Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is about just that.

If you love romance novels, you’re going to love this book. The characters are ones you'll want to know more about and you just can’t help sitting down and reading this book all at once. Theresa is beautiful and smart but self-conscious about everything, while Drew is strong and confident, but still terrified of losing someone he cares about and maybe is a little bit lost. Their flaws make them more relatable as characters and a whole lot more fun to read about. Of course, you will find yourself rooting for them as you keep reading. There’s plenty going on in this story and it’s not just about romance, but about what someone will do in order to keep their loved ones safe, no matter what. Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is a little bit of sweet with a whole lot of spice.

Andrae Douglas

Alicia L. Wright’s work of fiction, Crushed Velvet, tells the story of a female college dropout (Teresa), who resorts to prostitution in order to make a living. The other main character in this romance sizzler is Andrew, the bodyguard assigned to protect her during her sexual liaisons. The plot intensifies as Andrew sees Teresa as more than a prostitute and has her best interest at heart. It is no surprise that she later falls for the most genuinely caring man she has ever met. The two grow closer together and express themselves freely to each other; however, freedom isn’t much of a reality since Teresa is bound to her employers via a contract.

Crushed Velvet is an exciting fiction novel. When it comes to heat, fire and intensity, Alicia L. Wright only steers in one direction; and that’s UP! Line after line, page after page are filled with sexual acts, thoughts, memories and teasingly satisfying sex talk. Though a fiction novel, the sexual situations presented are consistent with that of the real world. Be it consensual sex or rape, Wright uses words to paint a graphic image that puts the reader right there in the story. This book was intriguing and kept my curiosity piqued as Wright flirted through the story line. Crushed Velvet at times appears to be straightforward sex, then Wright presents a twist as if to play hard to get. This book is about far more than sex; it is an adventure.