Danger in the Rain

A Ted Danger Mystery

Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
371 Pages
Reviewed on 08/26/2022
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Author Biography

When he was a kid, Douglas Boatman’s parents would sometimes bundle up the family over winter break, hop into the station wagon, and drive straight through from the cold murk of Ohio to sunny Pompano Beach. Their modest motel, with the honest-to-god ocean just a half block away, was a tropical paradise to a small-town boy from the Midwest. Magical times.

Danger in the Rain honors that magic, and adds a detective story with dueling hypnotists, bliss rays, and a badass bonobo named Boyce.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Danger in the Rain: A Ted Danger Mystery is a work of fiction in the action and mystery subgenres. It is best suited for the mature adult reading audience owing to the use of explicit language throughout, some sexual references, and occasional violence, and was penned by author Douglas Boatman. In this thrilling mystery tale, we meet private eye Ted Danger as he takes on a new client, the rich and intriguing Nicki Vavul. As Ted sets off for Pompano with a quest to find the sleazy figure Nicki wants locating, so begins a wild ride of mindbending trials and surprises that have waited decades to be unveiled.

Fans of pulp crime and fast-paced mystery novels are sure to adore this pacey story filled with sharp wit and hilarious circumstances. Author Douglas Boatman knows the genre well, and also knows how to twist his plotline in interesting new directions which subvert expectations but still fit the wry, slick tone of this darkly enjoyable tale. A feature that I especially enjoyed was the craftsmanship that the author puts into his dialogue, which moves the plot forward with some very helpful, relevant facts that are well placed, but these are naturally woven into smooth and amusing parlance that makes you want to listen to these characters for days on end. Overall, Danger in the Rain: A Ted Danger Mystery is a must-read for fans seeking high-octane mystery and thrills with plenty of enthralling conspiracy, steamy relationship content, and even a few surreal, magical surprises on the way.

Viga Boland

Danger in the Rain is so unique that I paused my reading when I was only a few chapters into the novel to look up the author. One glance at his profile picture on Amazon confirmed my suspicions about Douglas Boatman: he’s full of mischief, hence, perhaps, his creation of the hilarious protagonist, Private Investigator Ted Danger? The surname, by the way, rhymes with banger, and when it comes to Ted’s after-hours activities with the opposite sex, that rhyming adjective is most appropriate.

When you decide to read Danger in the Rain, prepare yourself to alternate between being intrigued, confused, and amused. Ted and the very colorful collection of unusual characters you will meet when he is hired to locate a “pervert” in an old photo will have your head spinning, not unlike Ted’s head. You can’t blame Ted, of course, when he finds himself needing one hypnotist to counter the mind control of another hypnotist, who just happens to be married to a psychic who isn’t what she seems either. And why wouldn’t Ted be rather freaked out by a half-human, half-ape who speaks English?

Are you getting some idea of just how zany some of the characters in this story are? But wait! Before you decide Danger in the Rain is all just nonsense, it’s not. Instead, it's a clever approach to a serious subject: child trafficking. What Ted and readers learn as he investigates is just how insidious and deeply entrenched trafficking is in modern society. Douglas Boatman’s decision to tackle this topic through humor gives the novel’s message its punch: child trafficking is no laughing matter. The writing style is easy-going and fluid, alternating between dialogue and reflection, with just enough description to add credibility and set scenes geographically. Ted Danger is a quirky but endearing character: he could be the star of a TV comedy series. And there’s an unexpected twist at the end of Danger in the Rain that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Try it! You just might like it. I did.

Stephanie Chapman

Douglas Boatman combines the elements of suspense and paranormal occurrences in Danger In The Rain. Ted Danger is a private investigator lamenting the rainy weather when Mrs. Vuval hires him. She wants to know who is the man in a nude photo of her daughter. Ted arrives in Florida and asks Haley’s grandparents, Reva and Wally, if they know who the man in the picture is. Wally offers the location of Haulover Beach as the closest nude beach. The next evening, Ted receives a phone call from Reva saying Nicki changed. She tells him to contact Madam Fernando and hangs up. Ted finds Madam Fernando and her talented hypnotist, Derish Flinn. They acknowledge they know who Nicki Vuval is, but offer no help in finding the mystery man. Ted continues his search and soon learns he is opening doors to a much larger mystery than he bargained for.

If you like mystery stories, this is one book that will capture your attention. I suspected that several of the characters throughout the story were not forthcoming. Reva’s phone call made me suspicious of Wally. The number of twists that happen in the book kept Ted flying in circles. He would set his mind on some clues, only to come up blank. While the story is serious, I found various scenes to be hilarious. In one scene, he learns sunscreen is necessary on a beach. I could picture a man sporting sunburn like a lobster. The narrative Ted gives does not offer any predictable moments. The end of the book was an eye-opening moment for me. Readers who like mysteries where suspense evolves with multiple colorful supporting characters will find Danger In The Rain perfect.

Rabia Tanveer

Danger in the Rain: A Ted Danger Mystery by Douglas Boatman is a mystery novel with a twist. When Private Investigator Ted Danger is approached by ultra-rich Nicki Vavul to investigate a new case, Ted is on it. Presented with a picture as evidence, Ted’s new client wants something very simple. Nicki’s daughter Haley is preyed upon by a creep, and she wants to know who it is. Short on time but not on cash, Nicki wants Ted to do a good job and figure out who the guy is and what he wants. The only issue: Ted is not prepared for the mess he will find while investigating this case. What is supposed to be a simple case of finding a person turns into a web of lies, deceit, child trafficking, international activity, and more. Can Ted and his “intern” True figure this case out before it is too late?

Fast-paced and packed with action, Danger in the Rain has everything you wish from an entertaining novel. There is a cinematic quality to the story and the way it is written. The short chapters and sharp narrative are just the tip of the iceberg in this novel’s case. The character-driven story is filled to the brim with well-rounded characters, a sound plot, and devastatingly beautiful descriptions. Ted’s characteristics are revealed more by his dialogues than anything else. Reading his interactions and his action plan is a joy, and I enjoyed it immensely. The plot is refined and cultivated to be perfect. There are no loopholes in the story, I never had an “aha, got you” moment, and the author kept me guessing until the end. Author Douglas Boatman has done a splendid job.