Finding Mr. Trunks

Children - Adventure
32 Pages
Reviewed on 01/13/2024
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. for Readers' Favorite

Finding Mr. Trunks is an illustrated story about a toy named Mr. Trunks, who gets separated from Libby, his original owner. Instead, author Annemarie Riley Guertin has Mr. Trunks taken by another family, who wonder how he came within their grasp. Baby's father and mother believe that the other bought Mr. Trunks for Baby, but then they conclude that's not the case. Baby's parents decide to report it to the airport the next day, but that doesn't help. They even decide to take pictures with Mr. Trunks and post them on social media, hoping that the owner will notice since Mr. Trunks has a nametag. Despite his owner looking for him, Mr. Trunks gets attached to Baby and his family.

Finding Mr. Trunks is an original tale that will leave you smiling. Annemarie Riley Guertin did a splendid job focusing on Mr. Trunks. Children are bound to get excited by the superb pictures made by Andrea Alemanno. I like the ending a lot and I like how Mr. Trunks was happy, too. It was interesting to see anthropomorphism included in Finding Mr. Trunks. Finding Mr. Trunks is centered on the toy named Mr. Trunks, and his interactions with Baby, Baby's family, and Libby. It was fantastic to see social media implemented into the storyline in a way that children can understand what is going on. I like the visual expressions, one of my favorites being Mr. Trunks smiling. I like the twist that Annemarie implemented in the storyline. It was fascinating to see from Mr. Trunk's point of view, rather than Libby's or Baby's. The book cover is simple but good. I recommend this story to children.