Ghost Hunt 2: MORE Chilling Tales of the Unknown

Children - Grade 4th-6th
402 Pages
Reviewed on 10/09/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rita Vetsch for Readers' Favorite

Ghost Hunt 2, More Chilling Tales of the Unknown is an intriguing novel written by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson; with Cameron Dokey. This book is the second in a collection of case files from The Atlanta Paranormal Society, TAPS. This novel contains ten terrifying stories inspired by true events, plus an extended chapter on how to be an expert ghost hunter. It is in this extraordinary novel that you’ll find the following true stories: Every August 15th near a remote part of the ocean in Maine, a boy and his grandpa witness screams and lights...does TAPS also experience these strange events? A man sees tiny handprints on his bathroom mirror and his dog receives many new toys out of nowhere...or were they gifts from a ghost? The TAPS team travels to Alcatraz to ghost hunt and find exciting adventures in the prison’s D Block. Two boys take it upon themselves to investigate their own ghost named ‘the limping man.’ A twelve-year-old girl goes exploring near a remote lake and encounters the ghost of a little boy who needs her help. Angie Larson has terrifying dreams each night, and no matter how hard she tries to stop them, the dreams always come true. Two sisters experience red glowing eyes of a ghostly beast in their woodsy backyard, and what would TAPS discover in an old cabin nearby that adds to their claims? Plus you’ll read three more exciting ghost stories that will leave you sleeping with your lights on!

Jason, Grant and the TAPS Team are back at it again in this chilling second Ghost Hunt novel where TAPS is sent out to investigate ten cases that will give you goose bumps and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. This novel truly does have more ghosts, more cases and more chills! The cover captures the reader’s attention with its bright and eerie colored ghost scene. The chapters read quickly giving you more ambition than ever to get to the next chapter. This second novel is just as thrilling as the first Ghost Hunt novel and will have you on the edge of your seat in fear. Each story is a nail biter and the reader feels as though part of the team investigating something truly frightening. I was intrigued and truly sucked into each story and absolutely loved the paranormal edge of this book.