Imagine Jade Gone

Imagine Jade Gone

Book 2 of Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate

Young Adult - Horror
362 Pages
Reviewed on 06/04/2017
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Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Imagine Jade Gone by Wray Ardan is the sequel to Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. Jaden Lisette thought the worst thing she had to deal with was attempting to get along with her sister. That all changed when she accidentally released her late grandfather's bloodthirsty creations called Mal Rous. Blaming herself for everything that happened, Jaden is determined to fix her mistake and stop the creations. When more creations are set free, Jaden and her family must work together to stop them, at the risk of their own lives. As the creatures become more powerful, the closer she becomes to Briz, and the more strained she becomes with her sister. As the danger escalates, someone may not make it out alive.

In many ways, this is a coming of age story as Jaden conquers her fear and her guilt in order to protect those she loves and fight off these blood sucking monsters. It's refreshing to see each of the characters grow and change by the end. It's not just one person's journey. Jaden is the type of heroine that you want to see succeed and earn her happy ending. Ardan creates a range of characters that aren't perfect, they make mistakes, but they learn and keep going. I sympathized more with Jaden than anyone, but by the end I understood Ava and Briz, and it was nice to see them all grow. Wray Ardan strikes the perfect balance between humor, family and romance with the classic horror elements. The ending is a complete surprise and took me off guard, leaving me desperately needing more of Jaden's story. Classic horror meets teenage angst, and Imagine Jade Gone is suspenseful and gruesome, a thrilling and unique take on the genre with heart, first love, and family connection.

Michelle Stanley

Imagine Jade Gone, Book 2 is from the young adult trilogy: Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate by Wray Arden. While spending the summer in Louisiana, Jaden Lisette and her family are assaulted by hybrid flesh eating Mal Rous mutants created by her deranged grandfather with his DNA. Jaden’s injuries could leave her permanently infected with the Rous’s DNA, especially Datura’s. The family recuperates in the bayou where they’re cared for by the albino sisters. These sisters had brewed potions for Jaden’s grandfather's morbid experiments. Jaden assumed the mutants were killed, but they managed to survive and have returned for revenge. She and Briz, her boyfriend, try to locate her grandfather’s journals containing vital information on the mutants. Unfortunately, Briz is seriously attacked by Quellers, a more vicious mutant species. How can they defeat these deadly, intelligent monsters without the journals' data?

I was impatient to read Wray Arden’s second book, Imagine Jade Gone from the trilogy, Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. It’s just as gripping as Book 1, which I suggest reading first if possible. This book has never-ending, spine-tingling drama. The author’s writing format continues its strong, imaginative flow that makes this story fascinating. The creatures’ descriptions and their actions are very repulsive, but these make the story even more intense and thrilling. It’s obvious a lot of time and inventive thought went into this book, and it connects to Book 1 so precisely. I’m still convinced that a horror movie can be made, now having perused two novels from Wray Arden’s Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate series.

Sefina Hawke

Imagine Jade Gone by Wray Ardan is the second book in the young adult horror series called Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. This is a book that would appeal most to an audience of young adults who enjoy horror fiction with cruel, scary creatures and sexy scenes (without sex). Jaden Lisette never imagined that she would live to see her sixteenth birthday, yet she befriended reclusive triplets and a mentally challenged man and managed to survive. Along the way she uncovered her family’s deadly secret, which involuntarily forced her into a completely new world of horror where she has to kill if she wishes to stay alive. Now all she wants to do is get back to her normal life and a future of love with Briz Nolan, but it will not be as easy as she thinks because an old enemy is returning and a new type of creature is unleashed. Will she manage to save herself and those she holds dear or will she perish in the attempt?

Imagine Jade Gone by Wray Ardan was a little confusing for me at the beginning because I did not read book one. However, as the story continued, I quickly found myself catching up and getting into the story. Jaden Lisette is a strong female character that I was able to respect and admire because of her willingness to protect others, as well as her ability to face horror without losing herself in the process. I enjoyed the horror aspects of the book and I felt the author found a good balance between horror and nightmare inducing terror; the romance was well done and felt very real, even without any sexual scenes. Overall, as an adult I enjoyed the book and I feel that I would have enjoyed it even more when I was a young adult!