Keep Right On

Non-Fiction - Memoir
444 Pages
Reviewed on 07/15/2017
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Author Biography

Julie Day resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her two daughters.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Keep Right On by Julie B Day is a wonderful story of friendship and true love, involving two families and two gentle souls, and a tragedy that left everyone in grief. Julie met Paul while on vacation in Walt Disney World in May of 1981. A friendship began between the two, and their families got close because of it. Paul’s family was from the UK and Julie’s from the US and, despite the distance, both families would exchange visits every few years.

In 2007 everything changed. Julie plucked up the courage to tell David that she was in love with him while he was on a visit to the US and, to her great delight, Paul confessed to having loved her for a long time. The romance took off quickly. Paul proposed and the couple got engaged. While preparations were taking place for Paul to move to the US, his last trip serving in Her Majesty's Royal Navy would be the cause of pain to his and Julie’s family, because he got killed in an explosion.

This is a beautiful story of love and friendship, of loss, and a woman’s journey through grief. It’s a real-life story that explores the meaning of true love and friendship, emotionally charged and beguiling. One gets the feeling that Julie B Day has put her heart into this story; it is, of course, the story of her heart, and there is just no way that the reader won’t feel emotionally drawn to her. The writing is excellent and it is filled with very insightful passages. I loved the way the author explores the emotional and psychological conflicts between the characters. Keep Right On is an incredible love story with powerful lessons for readers. It is as entertaining as it is spellbinding.

Alice DiNizo

Julie Day and her family met Paul McCann and his family from Great Britain in May of 1981 at Walt Disney World. The two families became instant friends and made a point of getting together every few years. Julie thinks of Paul as her friend and "brother", but then in 2006, twenty-five years after Julie first met Paul, she sees a picture of him in his British naval uniform and realizes that he is one handsome man with his gingery red hair and bright blue eyes. Paul has always had a positive personality, good at sports and totally great with children but now Julie is enthralled with Paul who is his usual charming, forthright self. Julie has had a bad marriage that ended in divorce and is the mother of two little girls, Kate and Maggie. Overweight, she can hardly imagine why Paul is so attracted to her, but true love is true love and Julie and Paul make plans to marry. Julie's little girls just adore Paul and the feeling is mutual. What could go wrong?

"Keep Right On" is a beautifully written love story by Julie Day herself who wants to reach out to any female questioning if she has found the right man. Julie certainly did in discovering that her longtime friend, Paul, was the true love of her life. As an author, Julie writes well of her months with Paul and their total devotion to each other even though their families were a little shocked by this paring of two old friends. The characters of Julie and the Days and Paul and the McCanns and their friends come through believably. The plot flows smoothly with pages devoted to Julie and Paul's passionate coupling which romance readers will adore. Readers everywhere will adore this special love story but they need to keep dry hankies on hand for the story's ending.