Love At First Flight

Children - Preteen
160 Pages
Reviewed on 05/06/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Neely is off on her last big trip before heading to college. Along with her sister, Meredith, who is already in college, they are headed to Mexico to meet their parents , who are celebrating their twenty fifth anniversary. Neely, being fun-loving, is determined to make this the best trip in spite of the fact her sister is a little dull.

When she meets Angelo, it is love at first site.  Hiding in the shadows is Todd. He is desperate to get her attention--to the point of stalking her. At first, Neely isn’t too worried, but as time goes on, his stunts start to become dangerous. Will his stunts prove to be harmful to her?  The light touch of suspense adds a little flair to the story line.

It’s a story of a girl who is about to relinquish the teen years and enter the young adult world. This story was a sweet read with no bad language or spicy romantic interludes.  I feel that for a teen/young adult this would be a great read.

A Customer

A family vacation to an exotic location just might equal love and an appreciation of the world, something 18-year-old Neely never expected.

Neely, shortly before she's to start college, goes on vacation to Cancun with her parents and older sister Meredith. Neely is the outdoor-loving and outgoing one. Meredith, on the other hand, is more reserved. She likes sedate activities like reading and watching TV.

While on vacation, Neely has a summer romance with a handsome, Hispanic hottie named Angelo; little does she know that he will do more than increase her blood pressure. There is so much good she can do in this world if only she would open her eyes. This was a vacation that would change her life and affect her outlook.

The author really set the stage with a Mexican resort setting. Everything that you would see and do and how things work is described in detail so that you can visually imagine everything taking place. The plot at times, however, was a little slow and plodding, the dialogue lacked snap and the characters were a bit lackluster. I really had a hard time connecting to Neely throughout most of the book. Things did pick up towards the end.

Like a typical Young Adult novel, it is told in 1st person. Personally, I love first person and overall this one did not disappoint. It is a book intended for an older teen audience with an 18-year-old heroine, but a strong enough story for anyone to read.

Love at First Flight is a charming novel of first loves and growing up. The ending is very sweet and made me wonder what will happen next for Neely

R. Reier

An enjoyable read particularly for the young and young-at-heart. A romantic interlude salted with some suspense and adventure combines for a story that makes you want to read the next episode.