Love thy Galactic Enemy

Fiction - Science Fiction
248 Pages
Reviewed on 08/08/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers' Favorite

Minta Streave nurses an attractive and mysterious man back to health while hiding her own secrets. She had worked as a secretary for the spy agents that she later finds out are responsible for her patient's illness, the civil war between worlds, and the thousands of deaths that followed. She is distraught to be betrayed by her employers who left her at an enemy space station, where she awaits an obsessive cyborg spy that is meant to take her home. To make matters worse, the man she's nursing and gradually falling for, Finn Shanwing, is a top officer from the enemy's camp. As strong feelings clash with dirty secrets, Minta must decide to escape with the crazy cyborg or lie with the enemy. Love thy Galactic Enemy by Edward Hoornaert is a thrilling, fast-paced blend of sci-fi and romance.

What's better than reading a favorite genre? Reading two well-represented favorite genres in one book! Let me clarify this. Edward Hoornaert does not disappoint when it comes to the sci-fi aspect of this book: military-grade implants that enhance speed, trained-killer cyborgs, telepathic abilities, sentient aliens, space travel, and much more. The romance is equally rewarding with the well-timed teasing, sexual tension, and subtle love triangle. Readers should expect explicit sexual content, violent scenes, and profanity. The plot is exciting and hard to predict; just when I imagined it was going in one direction, it would take another turn and leave me clueless and even more curious to unravel the story. For a sensual and mentally stimulating combo, Love thy Galactic Enemy is worth every enigmatic moment.