Novikov Windows

A Time Travel Novel

Fiction - Time Travel
542 Pages
Reviewed on 02/13/2024
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Author Biography

I write adult hard science fiction that provides a keen insight into the psychology of its characters, relies upon real science as well as thoroughly researched extrapolation of current technological trends – all while not compromising on being action-packed.

I trained as a scientist before becoming a medical doctor. I've had a lifelong love affair with science and have always been an avid reader of science fiction.

As a scientist, I have always been drawn to the accuracy of hard science fiction and its considered, realistic extrapolation of current trends. As a doctor working in mental health I am drawn to diversity, complex characters and flawed protagonists. Above all, I am curious about exploring the impact of extraordinary circumstances on the mental state of ordinary people.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my work.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers' Favorite

Novikov Windows by Chris Cosmain presents a thoughtfully crafted tale with various characters who must work with the little information they have to carry out mysterious time travel missions. Amnesia is only one of Aaron's worries. Even though he has been told that he traveled from 2012 to 1996 by a strange group, he finds it hard to believe the group's outlandish claims about time travel. Since Alex is passionate about relativity and quantum theory, he is eager to discover the adventure that comes with access to real time travel. At a low point in her life, Tori learns about the group's set-up on a farm and decides to give life another chance. Follow these unique characters as they endeavor to figure out their roles in complex time travel missions involving various paradoxes, travels to different times, and dire consequences.

I loved Chris Cosmain's observant and well-developed characters, especially because their unique personalities and goals are woven together skillfully. Their relationships develop into a more passionate and complex form as the story progresses, which allows for a deep connection with them, whether they're getting married or finding out consequential secrets. Additionally, the suspenseful and action-packed scenes had my heart racing. I was very eager to see a young Albert Einstein escape from danger. Though it felt somewhat complex at times, I loved the story. Novikov Windows offers a mentally stimulating experience, from well-explained paradoxes like the ex nihilo paradox to mind-blowing worldbuilding details like arriving in space during time travel. It had me endlessly staring into space while contemplating hypothetical situations. This is a must-read for time travel fans and all lovers of intricate sci-fi stories.