Spartan Quest - Salvation

Romance - Historical
324 Pages
Reviewed on 08/25/2023
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Author Biography

Anthea currently lives in Sydney with a spoilt German Shepherd she refers to as The Muse. After her plans to be a doctor were upset, Anthea built a career in IT design and development which she left to dedicate time to writing. She has penned a number of short stories with one finding its way into a 2012 romance anthology under a different pseudonym.

Spartan Quest – Salvation is her debut historical romance novel. She is currently working on book two, Spartan Quest – Atonement, due out mid-2024. Two other books are in the pipeline, one of which will really give Anthea the chance to play in her beloved world of Greek Myths and Legends.

When not writing, Anthea travels, reads, power walks and practices yoga. One day she would like to get back to horse-riding.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Paula García Lasa for Readers' Favorite

Anthea Laurelton looks to ancient Greece for her new novel Spartan Quest: Salvation, a story told from three points of view. First, we have Calliope, a priestess taken hostage from her home. She will fight for her freedom but also against many things she has taken for granted, including a growing attraction toward her captor. Then there is Diokles, a great Spartan warrior who commanded a mission to uncover a threat to Sparta. He will struggle to balance his task and the revenge he seeks, all while keeping the oaths he swore. He is uneasy with a woman who is making him feel things he didn’t expect. Last, a mutual foe is driven by his determination to kill Diokles and claim Calliope for himself. These journeys involve seeking the truth, desperate fights against emotions, and ambition that will go to any lengths. Only the shrine holds the answers and the outcome. Only time will tell whether that will bring victory or failure.

Passion is the basis of every historical Greek tale. This historically inspired book is no exception. Spartan Quest: Salvation by Anthea Laurelton is an authentic tale that will allow the reader to live with the characters. While reading this fast-paced story, you will experience betrayal, love, and grief. You will be on the edge of your seat, reaching the last page before you even notice it. Laurelton has written a beautiful account, carefully embellished with emotions and well-developed characters. Through the three-pronged point of view, you will get a unique perspective, a great way of amplifying your immersion in the narrative. If you love historical accounts, then this is a book you cannot miss.