Stolen Intellect

Recovering the Missing Link to Generational Health

Non-Fiction - Health - Medical
118 Pages
Reviewed on 05/24/2023
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Author Biography

I was inspired to write this book because initially I was devastated at the tragic news my son would be born with a severe learning disability and sadly, he was! I discovered the natural wisdom I needed to heal and prevent this problem was hijacked and stolen. But as his mom, a mental retardation diagnosis was UNACCEPTABLE! So, my research journey began where I discovered not just the missing link to heal my son, but 2 billion people too. We were conditioned to believe diseases run in our families. This is not true!

So, if you struggle with breast disease/cancer and other cancers, painful menstrual cycle, excessive menstrual bleeding, thyroid problems, infertility, miscarriages, heart attacks. cold hands and feet, lupus, difficulty swallowing, struggling to learn, speech problems, erectile dysfunction, it is all preventable!!!!

1) The food has too many chemicals that are toxic to the human body. 2) There are chemicals in the environment the body will absorb when we are mineral deficient. The chemicals don't cause cancer, they are the cancer! The good news we can detoxify the chemicals out and prevent the cancer! Mother nature is in the prevention and healing business, but tragically, we have been disconnected from our natural healing source.

Read the book, then join the healing movement where together we can reach 2 billion who don't know they are deficient! We are who we've been waiting for...It's time for a reset!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Doreen Chombu for Readers' Favorite

Do we have a disease or a generational mineral deficiency problem? Catrina Ravenel answers this question in Stolen Intellect: Recovering the Missing Link to Generational Health. The answer has been right under our noses for many years. Humans need the four sacred elements (Water [Ocean], Fire [Sun], Air, and Earth) to have healthy bodies. The author discusses how every disease is related to a mineral deficiency that these elements can naturally provide. She gives a detailed list of the benefits of the elements and how to use supplements if we do not have the element within reach. The author included testimonies of individuals who have used supplements and the tale of Ben Afro Boy, inspired by true events from her son's life.

I enjoyed reading Stolen Intellect and hope more people read it. Catrina Ravenel’s work seeks to help reverse the effects of mineral deficiency for our generation and future generations. Almost every illness stems from a lack of minerals in our bodies, and the cure should be to introduce the missing mineral. Depending on where you or your ancestors come from, you will discover everyone lacks something vital for their health, healing, longevity, or rejuvenation. The symptoms may appear different in each family member, but the root cause is the same. This theory makes sense, and I liked how the author explains everything. She is precise and uses simple words that are easy to understand. She also gives names of renowned practitioners that readers can look up to help them understand this subject better. This book is enlightening and will help you on your journey to better health. Brilliant work.